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Dog Bandit Caught in Ski Mask, Larger Issues Still at Hand

By March 11, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

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A local dog bandit slated for trial later on this week was recently caught roaming the Kips Bay area near the Petopia Pet store looking for extra treats. This unnerving event has many local NYC dogs and their owners up in arms. “This dog must be brought to justice” says one long time resident of the 10016 area code. “When dog morality has slumped to an all time low there is still no excuse for resorting to steal another dog’s treat and from their mouth too!” Cries of opportunism and “each dog for himself” though common stereotypes of certain dog groups at times of the whole canine community are regularly addressed by a Manhattan based non-profit in the area. Says their Outreach coordinator, “When one dog does this, we are all to blame. The key is prevention, education of above all else respect for the fellow dog. We understand that certain streets are more heavily lined and deemed as “no dog’s land” however that is still not an excuse for stealing treats. More on this topic to be addressed at the upcoming UN convention for dog and non-dog interspecies peace treaties in May of this year.


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