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How to Entertain your Dog on a Rainy Day

By June 13, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

No matter where you live, sometimes you’ll have days when it’s just too wet and rainy to go for a walk.


It’s impawtant that you still get some bonding time with your pooch, even if it’s too wet to walk. Here are some fun tips for indoor dog play!

1. Indoor fetch

Who doesn’t love a game of catch the tennis ball…woof!

2. Toy time!

Theres nothing like a squeeky toy to play with all day!

3. Learn new tricks

Teach your pup a trick or two..sit, stay, down, etc.

4. Grooming

Give your pooch a nice bubbly bath!

5. Belly rubs

Belly rubs… need I say more??! *dreamy look*

Or, bring them to daycare!!!


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