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If your cat loves to explore the outdoors, then you should consider buying a high-end harness for its safety. With the top escape proof cat harness, you can prevent your pet from getting hurt or lost while taking a walk or enjoying the good weather outside.

The article will look at the importance of a cat harness and how you can buy the best one for your cat.

Why Do You Need an Escape Proof Cat Harness?

When taking your cat out for a walk, you need to have a leash and harness handy. There are several harnesses available that come with adjustable straps, cushioning, and safety pads.  

In case of emergencies, or when your cat is visiting a new place, they might get frightened and try to get away. Pushing them into crates would not be the best option here. Instead, using an escape-proof harness, you can safely guide your cat out of an emergency.  

How to Buy an Escape Proof Cat Harness?


An escape proof harness will work best if it is the right size for your cat. If the harness is small, your cat will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if it is big, your pet will quickly get out of it, defeating the whole purpose of buying the harness in the first place.  

Thus, measure your cat and compare it with the product dimensions available online to determine which brand would be a good fit.


The material of the escape proof cat harness will ensure better comfort for your cat. All-weather mesh is a popular material used in these harnesses. Your cat will not feel constricted by this material and breathe freely.

Leash Type

Harnesses come with adjustable hooks and buckles for the leash to be plugged in. Look for the material the leash is made of. If the material does not do well in the presence of moisture, the leash could easily slip away from your hand.  

Ensure to adjust the leash size according to your cat. Smaller leashes could constrict its mobility.

Additional Features 

Depending on the brand, cat harnesses come packed with security and comfort features. For example, some harnesses are choke-proof, have reflective bands and additional adjustable buckles for safety. 

Then there are options with the harness cushioned on the sides and an extra mesh for better ventilation. 


Look around for options from different brands and the features of a harness before you buy one. Budget is definitely a factor to consider, but do not let it be the only reason determining your choice of cat harness. There are budget-friendly harnesses, complete with safety features available for less than $15.

The factors mentioned above will get you started on finding the top escape proof cat harness for your cat.

A cat harness is a small investment that can go a long way in protecting your cat. First, you can ensure your cat does not get away from you on busy roads. Second, you can navigate them to safety in emergencies.

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