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The passing of a pet is always a hard time for pet owners, and with the short time they have spent with you, they become a part of your world that when they are gone, it’s hard for you to move on. And for your pets, you might be their whole world, and they bring a lot of joy to the saddest of hearts. That’s why they deserve only the best treatment even after they are gone.  

 Opting for a cremation service is one of the best ways to lay your pets to rest, but you need to ensure you’re choosing the right service. It is why you need to do valid research and ask the right questions so that your pet’s cremation process is handled with the kind of respect they deserve and that which is within your belief. Thus, here is how to choose the best cremation service for your pet.

The Right Process For Pet Cremation

There is a wrong way and a right way to do things. With pet cremation, some processes might just plain wrong, and you should be careful. However, it is quite common for many pet owners to be oblivious to these expected practices. Hence below are the 10 steps to have proper pet cremation:

  1. The crematorium should prepare a clean cremation chamber for your pet with either a tiled or a solid hearth.  
  2. Then paperwork is prepared for your pet solely for identification purposes. 
  3. Next, your pet’s details are recorded in the crematorium’s logbook or diary, along with the time. 
  4. The process of cremation begins until what’s left are sterile skeletal remains. 
  5. Allow to cool down, the remains are taken into a container or a tray (depending on the crematorium you select) using a gentle brush. The hearth will be thoroughly checked to ensure that no remains are left after removal. 
  6. Note that only one pet MUST be kept in a single chamber.  
  7. Bone fragments of your little one will be processed with care using a cremulator, resulting in ashes. 
  8. The cremulator is cleaned very carefully while the ashes are kept in a plastic bag or container for packaging. 
  9. Another paperwork is prepared alongside the packaged ash that will be returned to the casket or chosen urn. 
  10. The certificate will be prepared and can be placed inside the casket or kept at hand for memories (depending on your choice).

A crematorium following these steps ensures your pet is in safe hands and will be treated with the love and care they need for a dignified and graceful service. However, in cases where you can’t get the full details of the crematorium’s cremation process, these pointers can help you choose the best service to cremate your pet.  

What To Look Out For When Picking The Best Cremation Services? 

Losing a pet is one thing. Ensuring that your little one is well taken care of aftermath is another. Below are the six things you can look out for without having to ask too many questions and yet know whether or not the crematorium will take good care of your pet.   

  • On-Site Or Third Party Providers

Checking if the crematorium has an on-site crematory or outsources the service to other businesses can be quite easy to figure out. Choose only those that do the process themselves. That way, you can be guaranteed whatever promise they make to you.  

  • Other Services Provided

Besides the main cremation, what are the other services you can expect? Check their packages, urns (if provided), caskets, personalization items, keepsakes, and so on. Then compare these services with the prices – is it worth it?

  • Check The Rates

While on the topic of prices, there is an already set average cost for cremation services. Therefore, if a crematorium is charging way less, you might need to be suspicious. On the other hand, if the charge is too high, ask a few more questions about what services they offer and their cremation process.

  • Read About The Company

When you have shortlisted a few crematoriums, take your time to read about them. You can do this online through different search engines, and don’t forget to read the reviews as well. Ensure to look for websites, social media presence, and so on during your search.

  • Ask Around

More certain than online research, ask around to ensure that people know about the company. Get recommendations as well about other service providers and ask valid questions about how the experience went.

  • Go Visiting

The surest way to ensure that a company will care for your pet the way they should is to visit the location. Look around the vicinity. Is it clean? How professional do they look? Speak to the workers as well, are they respectful, and do they seem to treat animals with love? If not, then find another company.


Cremation is eco-friendly and more cost-effective than a traditional funeral. It also carries as much value and memories as a traditional burial if the cremation process is handled with grace and dignity. That is why the cremation service is of great importance. With the best cremation service to handle your pet’s cremation, you will be guaranteed that what you signed up for is what exactly you will get.  

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