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Every dog has its nature and reasons for loving Pomeranians. But have you heard about how Pomeranians are popular amongst dog parents? It is because of the wonderful dog breed and the long history of famous people owning a Pom back then. 

No wonder Poms were so popular even back then. They were named after their province of origin in Germany called Pomerania, which means the ‘land by the sea.’ The world knows Poms for their cocky behavior. But it does not end here. There are several reasons why people love a Pomeranian so much. 

If you own a Pom, you might agree with these facts. Otherwise, if you are looking forward to adopting a Pomeranian, here is your chance to learn why Poms are lovely dogs to have at home. 

Extremely Extrovert And Feisty

The prime reason why people keep dogs at their homes is that they want a companion with them who will keep them happy and entertained all the time. Poms are just the breed you could look forward to. 

This dog breed is known for its social behavior and energy. It is hard to tame this little guy when they are in the playing mood (which they are in most of the time). They are fun to hang out with and do not run away from strangers. 

Above all, Poms love attention! They seek attention in every way possible. They can’t live without you not paying enough attention to them. This brings us to the part where some dog parents find it hard to leave behind their Poms. It is because Poms get anxious when left alone. 

Consume Smaller Food Portions 

This is the fact every dog parent is delighted to hear. So naturally, you want a low-maintenance dog that is easy to keep in the house. 

In this time, parents keep dogs for the love of their furry friends. But we all know how expensive and hard it is to have a dog at home and keep them healthy. So, in this case, anything that helps a parent is a bonus, including the amount spent on feeding a dog.

For this reason, most dog parents, including college students, prefer a small dog in the house that is easy to feed. And what is better than a cute little furry guy with small pointed ears and a fox face: a Pomeranian. 

Even though Poms are highly energetic and need food every once in a while, it is still not as much food requirement as a large breed dog like the Great Danes. 

You feed your Pom small portions of food three times a day, along with frequent treats are good enough to keep your Pom happy!

Loyal Furry Companion 

Every benign yearns for a loyal companion, and you can find your perfect dedicated partner in a Pom. This dog breed is loyal to their dog parents with their life. They never leave you behind at any cost or at any given time. 

They live for you and love everything about you. Their love for you is proven by the separation anxiety and sadness they get when you are not around them because, for a Pom, you mean the world to them and are the center of their attention. 

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Watch For You 

Some might disagree with having a small-sized dog as a watchdog, but Poms make the best watchdogs for their parents. They look out for you and your children and protect them from harm.

You might even know how loud Poms bark. Their barking talent is supreme, and they are known for this. Therefore, even if a Pom’s size is small, they are quick to act and are ideal dogs to chase after the bad guy or even act in their defense. Either way, know that your house is safe if you own a little Pomeranian with big powers. 

An Intelligent Breed 

Apart from most wonderful reasons, dog parents love Poms for their intelligence. Pomeranians learn quickly. You will not have to spend a lot of time training them or teaching them manners. 

Once you let them know what they should or should not do, they will follow it with their heart. Surprisingly, they even act in intelligent ways. The way they protect you and your family is remarkable. They wouldn’t touch the door without your permission and know who to let in when the doorbell rings. 

A Truly Friendly Breed

Poms are cheerful little furry friends who prove to have become a man’s best friend. Pomeranians will never let you down. Moreover, they are friendly with their parents. Still, they are also friendly, comfortable, and cheerful with strangers, unlike some breeds who do not interact with new people.

This is the reason why they are more lovable amongst other breeds. 

Easy To Maintain At Home 

It is obvious why people would want to pet a Pomeranian and keep them in the house. Most parents want small dogs who will fit in their homes. Poms are the dogs who keep everyone in the house cheerful and do not require more than a foot’s space in the house. 

If you train them to stay put in any corner of the house, that is where you will find them. You don’t need a vast space to pet a Pom. However, the energy that a Pom has is incomparable. They would run around the house, which is when it seems the house has gone small for them. But no worries, you can always take your Pom out for as much as they want to run. 

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians become frantic when they don’t find people around them. This is why working parents may find it challenging to have a Pom left without surveillance. But, apart from this, every dog parent finds Pom amazing, who are lovable and are the sunshine of the house.

If you want to pet a Pom, you now know all the wonderful reasons you should have one. 

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