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Here’s our typical dog parent when meeting another dog with its parent out and about on a leisurely walk.  Your dog is so cute. “Is your dog friendly? It seems like a yes. By the way, if it is a yes, what is the breed of your dog? What’s his age? Is he a girl or boy?” Anyways, whichever breed your dog belongs to, whatever is his age or gender- we are sure that you’ve already secured a new little friend, and so that pup feels the same way.

We know that dogs are the ultimate friends to humans. Even if we love them a bit, they will shower endless love upon us. They are undoubtedly one of those friends who will always be loyal to you and will never want to see you sad. We often witness some incidents where dogs try their best to save the lives of ones who love them, even at the cost of their own life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid, a teenager, an adult, or a senior citizen; you can always find a true friend in your dog. You’ll always want him to accompany you once you start loving him. There is no doubt that even beautiful creatures such as dogs are not immortal. Like other living beings, they will also have to cross over someday- hopefully just of natural causes.

On the contrary, what if your dog dies an unnatural death? What if a natural disaster becomes the reason behind the unnatural death of your dog? Can you afford to lose your dog due to your carelessness? There is a variety of health and wellness stuff that owners provide to their dogs.

Many owners, nowadays, even give natural supplements like cannibis and kratom products to their dogs for health and wellness purposes, you can even opt for online weed delivery.  But is it enough?

Can it prepare your dog to survive a natural disaster? Well, the answer is a no. You need to prepare your dog for any natural disaster that occurs. There is also a need for giving proper training to them. We never know when we have to face a natural disaster. Due to this uncertainty, you need to make sure that you prepare your dog for natural disasters before it gets too late.

There are many ways with which dogs can help you or save your life. But now, it is high time for you to help your dog and save his life. It is time to switch to some modern ways of training your dog so that he can become capable of surviving a natural disaster. And today, we are going to share eight pro-tips to prepare your dog for natural disasters. Without causing any delays, let’s get started-

Eight Pro Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Natural Disaster

Get Ready with These Emergency Kits

You already know, ‘prevention is better than cure. It is somewhat like this. You cannot postpone a natural disaster, but you can be ready with a backpack for your dog. You never know when a need arrives to use it. For instance, imagine you live somewhere or travel somewhere with a snowy climate.

What will happen if your car with you and your dog sitting inside gets hit by a winter storm? In such cases, being prepared with a backpack always helps. It will not only help your dog but can also help you. Here, we will share two types of backpacks that can help you save your dog during a natural disaster-

The first one is to keep it with you so that you can use it instantly. It should have-

  • Drinking water and food enough for few days
  • Additional harnesses and leashes (bonus points if they have reflectors on them)
  • Medications
  • Plastic poly bags for throwing, keeping waste contained
  • Your dog’s medical records (paper and digital)
  • His favorite blanket, toys, bedding, etc.
  • Some of his photos (digital and hard copy)

The second one is for the situation if your dog gets missing. It should have-

  • A recent CLEAR photo ID of your dog or your photo together
  • A guide book and first aid kit
  • A waterproof container with three days supply of his food (make sure to replace it to ensure its freshness)
  • Two separate bowls for his water and food
  • Water bottle
  • Safety leash or/and harness
  • Medications
  • A copy of vaccination and medical records
  • Your contact information like your name, address, phone, and photo)
  • Information or contact list of nearby veterinarians or pet care organizations.

Make a Concrete Plan

Imagine if a natural disaster occurs while you are not at your home, but your dog is there. What will you do? In this situation, try to get your dog with yourself if possible. If you can’t keep him with you then, ask a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor to take care of him until you get back. Planning can help a lot.

Make an Identification Mark

If, in case, you and your dog get separate, make sure to attach something to him like a collar ID tag or a microchip with your current contact information. It will help you and others to get him back to you.

Post an ID sticker on your Front Door

Let your neighbors and potential rescue crew know that you have a pet indoors. Many pet shops (and online retailers) have a sticker that is available to let others know in case of an emergency the number of pets in your home.

Make Friends with 2-3 Neighbors

In the event that you’re not in the home when the disaster strikes, make sure that there are points of contact in your neighborhood or building that know you have a pet(s) in your home. If possible make sure they know your pets name.  This way in case of a fire or natural disaster, your neighbors can help notify the rescue crew of your pet.

Get Your Pup Him Ready

Training your dog always helps, you can’t tell him if a natural disaster is occurring, but you can train him. You can’t imitate a scenario of high-pressure winds, swimming in deep water levels, rescuing from fire easily- but you can prepare your pup with having them exposed to water, storms etc.  Make sure your dog is agile by including supplements and also having them take an agiltiy course to practice crawling through a tunnel, jumping through a hoop and weaving around poles.

Prepare Your Pet’s Carrier

Make sure to prepare a carrier for your dog and assure that its space is enough for it to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably. Also, make sure that it has a strap if possible for ease of transport. If your pet does not like a carrier, go ahead and practice using his/her favorite treat a head of time by tossing the treat into the bag and then saying “bag, bag, bag” until he is comfortable being in the carrier.

Get him well acquainted with his emergency kit-

Training your dog must include making your dog well acquainted with his emergency kit. Train him to bring or carry it with him.

Play Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with the dog can always help. It will let you know the favorite places of your dog to hide. He will surely try to hide in those places if something happens.

Teach Your Dog the Come, Stay and Their Name

Your dog needs to know his/her name.  Say it to get their attention and then follow it was a command such as “come” or “Stay”.  Practice this command inside in various places in your home, different times of day and outside areas (dog run, on a leash outside, at a friends place).

Take him on a walk to places in your immediate neighborhood and an adjacent neighborhood

Take your dog on a walk to pet-friendly places where he can be helped. It will help him get to a safe place other than your home. Perhaps its the local fire station, the neighborhood convenient store or a neighbor who can readily identify your dog.

So, these were the eight tips to prepare your dog for natural disasters. By the way, do you know? Some reports say that dogs can sense earthquakes. Surprising. Right? Well, by using these tips, your dog is now ready for natural disasters. Good luck! Saving them is as essential as loving them. 

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