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This Summer’s Pick for Cold Spring, NY with your pup

By July 25, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

Are you ready to bond with Fido- in Nature? How about with a little bit of small town fun for after being in nature (that’s a little more the NYCer style. For a nice day getaway we recommend Cold Springs. There are plenty of nice hikes available as well as canoeing. To get yourself situated for canoeing we recommend checking out high and low tides (which are the only times when you can begin canoeing and end canoeing, so plan accordingly).

We always enjoy brining a lunch and snacks and lots of water for your dog. They seem to drink more than we do and it’s always better to have more than be caught unprepared. What we’ve found is for a 2-3 hour hike, 1 liter is sufficient per large dogs, perhaps 3/4 of this for a medium and a regular water bottle. We would recommend using our recommendations as a guide for how much water to carry for your pup every 2-3 hours.

Other recommendations: flea and tick prevention. We recommend collar.nycdogadventure.jpg


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