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One of the most popular terrier breeds, the Airedale is a favorite among dog owners. Some even call it “The King of Terriers” due to its strength and unswerving attitude. It’s also the largest of all terriers: males stand 23 inches all usually weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. Females, as you might expect, are slightly shorter and lighter.

One of the most attractive things about the Airedales is their versatility. More than just a physically impressive breed, it makes a great overall companion with its high energy level and has proven to be a capable athlete and hunter. They also really enjoy family activities that involve a lot of movement, so smaller children will quickly fall in love with it. Go to to learn more. 

Appearance and Personality

The Airedale is a breed that leaves a strong impression at first sight. Adults typically have a very dignified, almost royal posture. The long, sturdy legs give away their athleticism, and the wiry coat is instantly recognizable by the black markings. The mustache and beard are very charming, and the look in their dark eyes will tell you that this is a very alert and intelligent breed.

A typical terrier, this canine is sharp, independent, tenacious, and very energetic. It can be a great family dog, but only if you train it correctly. Airedales usually have a long puppyhood, so they develop a little slower than other breeds. They also can get along great with cats and other pets around the house, especially if you raise them together.

The stubborn nature of the Airedale can create problems if the dog isn’t properly trained. They can even display domineering and aggressive tendencies in certain situations, but they usually respond readily and obediently to their masters. Like with any other breed, you need to provide regular physical and mental exercise for your four-legged companion.

Because of their high energy and drive, having various toys at home for entertainment is a good idea. Airedales love playing, especially when they’re puppies, so why not provide them all the fun they need? It’s also necessary to have a spacious run area to work off all the surplus energy before hitting the sack.

Proper Puppy Care 

These puppies are adorable, no doubt, but they can easily get out of control if you don’t watch out. They’re lively and dynamic, so you’ll need to make sure they won’t hurt themselves. One potential danger is appliance cords; puppies love to pull on them just for the sake of it. Logic says there’s no playing around with electricity, so try to keep the cords at a safe distance.

All dog owners know how toxic and dangerous sweets can be for canines, especially in larger quantities. A morsel of chocolate won’t do any harm, so don’t panic if you see your puppy bite off a mouthful from that bar you left on the table. However, if they ingest too much, they might feel nausea or even become seriously ill. Click here for more information.

Even with the best of training, the Airedale will have trouble controlling its ravenous appetite: dogs love food, and that is an understatement. If you’re used to leaving bowls of candy around the house, you might have to keep them in higher places so the dog can’t reach them. Some other dangerous foods are onion and garlic, avocado, alcoholic beverages, apple seeds, etc.

It’s impossible to supervise a pet all the time in a modern household. People go to work, children go to school, and you need to ensure that the puppy will remain safe at any cost. Crating is one option, or better yet, you could create a playing area indoors with plenty of toys. That way, they’ll keep busy until you can give them your attention. Of course, as they get older, they become more independent and mature. 

Some Tips on Training 

When we talk about dog training, the topic of housebreaking is probably the first thing that comes to mind. To ensure that your pup won’t excrete in random places, you must train it to go outside or in a designated area. Luckily, Airedales are very intelligent: training won’t give you any headaches. By repeating the action of going out enough times, they’ll create a life-long habit that will keep your house clean and sweet-smelling. 

 Not everyone dog owner does this, but some install a doggie door for their furry friends. Others go the length of teaching their dogs to ring a bell when they need to go. You can’t expect a positive result with every method, but it’s always worth trying to see how your dog will react.

People organize special obedience classes for dogs, usually every week. Your pet can benefit from seeing how other dogs behave with their owners and absorb more quickly. However, dogs can get hostile around each other, especially breeds that don’t mix well, so this approach might not work for your Airedale.

Training should be effective, of course, but it should also be fun. Dogs can sense if you’re anxious and stressed in your actions, so make sure that you create a relaxed and positive atmosphere where the dog will feel loved and stimulated.

Purchasing an Airedale

If you haven’t bought a dog before, it’s good to inform yourself about the procedure. The first step is choosing a reputable provider, such as Singing Hills Kennel or others. You can drive directly to it, if possible. But you have to take a flight; airlines have strict requirements concerning animals that you have to follow, like providing a crate for your puppy.

Reputable companies will try to meet the needs of every customer as much as possible. They can bring your terrier directly to the airport so you don’t waste any time and give you a crate that you will mail back later. The mandatory paperwork requires that you allow some time between flights as well.

Taking care of all these procedures can be a bit of a hustle, but companies have to make clean and professional deals to keep their reputation. Once you’re done, though, you can take your Airedale home and play with your new loyal companion to your heart’s content. 

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