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All dogs are born to play in nature, with their noses created to feast on many scents, eyes to see far, furs to feel the wind, paws to feel the ground and stamina to run around. But with the construction of high-rise homes, pets, including your Pomsky, get cooped up on high floors. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn your apartment into a fun place for them.

Why Transform Your Apartment

Your Pomsky is a great apartment buddy. Just remember that it needs to run a little each day to stay happy and healthy. But heavy rains, thick snow or scorching temperatures will prevent your Pomsky from playing in the park, walking around the neighborhood and socializing with other dogs. This is where an indoor Funland comes in handy. Your dog can get its daily run and fun no matter the weather.

Your best buddy can live for 12-16 years, so creating an avenue for it to have mental stimulation and exercise is absolutely worth it. It goes without saying that you will also get to capture and cherish fond memories together for many years. 

Transforming Your Apartment into a Pomsky Playplace

Let the transformation begin. Bring out your inner creativity and use your imagination to accomplish this task.

First, the basics. Your dog’s level of fun highly depends on its own unique personality, your relationship and most importantly, its health. The Pomsky breed is innately energetic and playful, so creating a fun-filled apartment is a necessity. Your day-to-day bond will also add to its positive disposition.

Aside from exercise, keeping your pet healthy depends on its food, nutrition and home. Consult your veterinarian to get the best advice on nutritional needs. Put your Pomsky’s plate in a specific area and set a scheduled feeding time to promote better digestion and eating behavior.

As for your Pomsky’s home (which is your apartment), follow these useful tips: 

Open the Windows

Let the natural breeze and sunshine into your apartment. This way, you and your Pomsky can breathe fresh air and get a bit of sunpower, especially on days when getting out is not an option. Opening windows opens opportunities. Take a look from your window and you might just see another dog looking over the window of another apartment. Now, your Pomsky has a potential new buddy for play dates.

Clean Every Nook and Cranny

Even without a home companion, you should take good care of your apartment by regularly cleaning it. More so with a paw pal living with you. Make sure to pest-proof your apartment because your Pomsky is genetically predisposed to a number of medical conditions, including allergies and skin problems. This ensures your dog stays safe from mosquitoes, roaches, ticks and mites. If your dog sleeps on a dog bed or a cage, see to it that it’s sanitized, too.

As the timeless word of wisdom goes, prevention is better than cure.

Create an Obstacle Course

Depending on the size of your apartment and how trained your Pomsky is, use your living room or multiple areas of your home to create an obstacle course. This is where your artistry will come into play. Use the table, chairs, boxes and other stuff where your Pomsky can run around, jump over, crawl under and zigzag through.

You can also make or buy toy traffic cones or use yarns as trail guides. Add flaglets and use lively colors to improve the vibe of the course. Reward your dog for every obstacle passed, most especially at the finish line.

Play Various Games

If your apartment is a bit spacious, play fetch with your Pomsky using its favorite soft toy. Also, try the vertical fetch, where you toss the toy upward and see it jump up and down. If you have a treadmill, have fun with your Pomsky by teaching it to run on it. As mentioned, your Pomsky needs to run daily to keep it in good shape and behavior.

Throw in Dog Toys

It may be a challenge to find durable toys for your Pomsky. Some brands work. Some don’t. Some Pomsky owners trust a certain brand, while others are fans of a different brand. Your best bet is to dig a bit of information from Google and YouTube, ask fellow owners and breeders and visit the nearest pet shop near you. It may be a trial-and-error thing. Or, you might get lucky the first time and get your beloved Pomsky a chew toy as tough as Thor.

Also, practice rotating toys. It’s where you switch or alternate the toys you give your Pomsky. Meaning, don’t let it have all the toys at once. This keeps them intrigued and excited to play with a “new” toy.

Your Pomsky Will Love You

Transform your apartment into a fun place and your Pomsky pal will adore you. Both of you will be happy and healthy, too. All that’s left for you to do is follow the tips above or craft your own Funland uniquely made for your one-of-a-kind Pomsky.

About the Author

Francis Intia has been writing for Pestend for one year now. He has spent five years as an editor-in-chief, writer, and photojournalist of a campus publication. He has also worked as an IELTS administrative officer for four years.

photo credit:  Julissa Helmuth:

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