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Moving is one of the most stressful things in life. It’s difficult, expensive, and takes a lot of time. But what if you have pets? Suddenly your moving plans become even more complicated! That is why we’ve compiled everything you need to know to navigate the challenges that come with moving with pets. Make sure to read until the end of the ten tips below!

1. Ensure That Your Pet is Vaccinated

One of the most important things to consider when moving is making sure that your pets are up-to-date with their shots. Make sure that they’re vaccinated according to local regulations before the move. It’s also essential that you consider other medical needs, such as flea treatments or heartworm prevention medications. Finally, ask your vet for your pet’s medical records and pass these along to your new vet.

2. Prepare Your Pet’s Documents

You will need to provide copies of your pet’s vaccination records and a copy of their rabies certificate. The state might ask for these documents before letting you enter—so make sure that they’re up to date!

If you are bringing an animal into New York City, there are special requirements. Don’t forget about neuter or spay certificates from your veterinarian to avoid fines or, worse, getting separated from your precious animal friend. Some documents you will need include:

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Current Rabies Vaccination

3. Buy a Carrier For Your Pet

It’s essential always to have a carrier on hand when moving with pets. These carriers are perfect for housing your pet in a safe, compact space while driving across the country. You will need to buy a cage big enough for your pet to stand and turn around in. Be sure you can secure the container with some form of locking mechanism, like straps or zippers.

4. Know the Rules Regarding Pet Ownership at Your New Home

Everyone knows how crowded NYC can get. Some apartments ban animals to save on space for humans. It’s crucial to ask whether your potential apartment allows pets. Some neighborhoods and complexes restrict pet ownership, so it’s wise to check the property deed or rental agreement before you sign anything. Other things you should consider are specific weight requirements or breed restrictions for household animals.

5. Pack Pet Supplies

Since you don’t know what can happen down the road, it’s best to come prepared. Pack a general box of supplies that may come in handy during the trip. Essentials include pet food and water bowls, toys, treats, or any medication for animals with special needs (e.g., diabetes). Don’t forget to save the contact information of the nearest vet clinic at your destination in case of emergencies.

6. Prepare Your Pet for Moving Day

Moving is highly stressful not only for humans but for animals as well. To make the transition easier, try to keep your animal friend on their routine as much as possible before moving day. This includes providing the usual meal times, walks outside, and more. On the big day, make sure to stay by your pet’s side or isolate them in a room apart from the movers. Changes to the environment can easily agitate them. No matter how busy you get, don’t forget to check on and feed your pet!

7. Microchip Your Pet

It’s easy to forget about your furry companion when you have multiple activities going on in preparation for a move. Animals might slip away in hopes of escaping all the chaos. Make sure to microchip your pet. It’s worth the $40! Doing so makes them identifiable should they get lost during the process. Believe it or not, thousands of pets get lost in NYC every day.

8. Make Stops During the Trip

If you’re moving to NYC from another state, understand that you have to take occasional breaks from driving. Make stops for potty time at least every three to four hours. This break helps refresh your senses while giving your family and pet time to breathe some air. Prepare a leash (for dogs) and any other necessities that your pet might need during travel.

9. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Entrusting the job of packing, lifting, and moving your stuff to professionals gives you more time to prepare your pet and family for the move. Before agreeing, be sure to mention that you have pets in your initial contact with them and ask about their policies regarding animals. Of course, you’ll want to work with a reputable Manhattan moving company, so don’t be lazy about doing your research to find the best one around.

10. Let Your Pet Acclimate to Your New Home

Allow plenty of time for your pets to adjust by taking walks around the house first. Introduce them to new rooms together with their old stuff like toys and food bowls. Next, explore the neighborhood together and let them meet other animals in the area. New York City is a big place, and there’s lots of adventure waiting not only for you but for your pet as well. Enjoy!

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