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While the holidays are a time for joy, they may also be a time for your pet to be in danger. However, you and your dogs may have a healthy and joyful festive season together with a bit of planning. Read on to know the best techniques to keep your pets away from festive decoration. 

Before Leaving The House, Make Sure Any Risks Are Covered

When you leave home, you may be compelled to leave your Christmas lights switched on. After all, seeing a lighted Xmas tree in the doorway as you come into the garage might give you that heartwarming holiday sensation. If you have pets, though, you should disconnect the tree since dogs and cats like chewing on electrical lines. Be mindful of the types of power cords you have at home. When misused, it may amount to serious health hazards for your family members and pets.

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Keep Your Pet Away From Your Tree

Christmas isn’t complete for many families until the tree is hung and the decorations are turned on! The appeal of the tree may also captivate pets. Keep canines away from plant water if you’re using an actual tree; it might get stagnant and grow bacteria that are dangerous to your pets. Tree branches are also a concern, and if your pet ingests them, they may need surgery. It’s critical to secure your tree entirely so that your pet doesn’t knock it down. To keep your puppy from climbing your tree, place lemon-scented fragrances in it.

Decorate With Pet-friendly Items

Lights, ornaments, glitter, and other decorations provide a festive touch to any occasion, but are they healthy for your pets? Both dogs and cats may chew electrical cables. If ornaments are broken or ingested, they might cause damage. Use battery-operated lights, candles, and inflatable ornaments to reduce the risk of your dogs being injured by your festival decorations.   Store your ornaments in an ornament storage bag to keep them away from your pets when you’re not using them

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Think Twice About Using Plants As A Decoration

Poinsettias and other celebration plants like mistletoe, juniper, holly, and pine may lend a festive flair to your holiday decor, but did you realize that many of these blooms are toxic to cats and dogs? Before introducing those houseplants into your house, do some homework. Always have a strategy in place to get your companion to the doctor if they swallow any harmful plants by mistake.

When Traveling, Take Additional Care

It’s critical to think of your furry family member’s security, whether you’re bringing him with you or deciding to leave him behind. Whether you’re traveling with your canine, check state and international legislation to determine if a health certificate from your veterinarian is necessary. Are you driving to the Christmas party? Make sure your pet is securely confined in a carrier or harness at all times.

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In Conclusion

This holiday season, keep your pet protected so that you and your beloved family member may have a joyful and healthy time together. These tips will help you in keeping them safe from festive decorations!

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