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If you’re like a lot of dog owners, you consider yourself more like dog parents and to say that you care about your fur babies is a serious understatement. Pet insurance is trending up as people weigh sudden bills against paying the premiums. Your dog’s health is among the most important things and you do everything you can to prevent sickness or injury and deal with it quickly and effectively when it arrives.

When looking after your dog’s health, you want the equivalent of a low code scenario, in which you can create a beneficial scenario without deep knowledge of veterinary science. Good dog parents engage in the basics of good dog care, like using top-grade dog food, scheduling regular vet visits, grooming and offering lots of opportunities for exercise, play and rest.

Besides doing these traditional duties, technology has begun to offer itself to the fight for doggie health. Today there are loads of apps whose aim is to help dog owners to keep their dogs healthy. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps to track your dog’s health.

1. Vetrax

The Vetrax system involves a Vetrax sensor that is attached to the dog and provides advanced behavior monitoring that tells its owner what the dog can’t. It is a veterinary medical analytics system for dogs that allows both owners and vets to track the efficacy of the dog’s healthcare plan. This could actually happen while the dog was home alone.

Vetrax offers users a collection of behavior charts that they can choose from and add to their pet’s home screen to keep tabs on particular traits. If you see something you don’t like, you can take and submit pictures or videos to your vet with notes. Data on your pet will be updated regularly.

2. Pet Care Log

You can use this app to keep track of your dog’s health and well-being. Among its features are a weekly menu planner, daily record sheet, symptom monitor and supply list. The Pet Care Log is just what it sounds like. There is space for you to keep track of and comment on the salient details of your dog’s days and nights. You can use this app to share your thoughts with your dog’s vet, preparing for a visit or following up.

3. My Pet

My Pet is lauded as the ideal pet record-keeping app. Users can create medical records for their dogs and track salient things like height and weight, occurrences, prescriptions, allergies and expenses, among other things.

4. Pet Growth Notes

This app provides owners with a way to compile and store qualitative and quantitative data about their dogs. You can track allergies and also document daily activities. It also allows you to monitor height and weight records, generate pill reminders and keep logs and set vaccination schedules.

With Pet Growth Notes, you can create albums and set alerts, manage vet appointments and add notifications. While the quantitative and logistical data clearly have their prioritized place, users report falling in love with the doggie diary feature.

5. VitusVet

This app makes monitoring your dog’s healthcare simpler because it stores all of the data in one place. It is cloud-based management software that enables vets and hospitals to manage appointments, medical records, payments, client communications, administrative workflows and more.

VitusVet is also a two-way texting module that facilitates communication from clinics or patients, allowing for the managing of medical refill requests, conducting follow-ups after consultations, sending texts, images and real-time updates.

Your dog deserves the very best and this is true for the level of health care, too. When you’re actively paying attention to your dog’s health, you’re engaging in a kind of preventative healthcare. The technology available today allows owners easier access to important information and makes managing their dogs’ healthcare a priority that doesn’t weigh them down.

Photo credit: nathan-lindahl-Z8oqUACPges-unsplash

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