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Being in a committed relationship comes with many highlights and mile markers. You may already know each other well, but you should not be surprised to read that there is always more to learn. The fun and adventure around each corner may be the perfect fodder for your future laughs and memories. It is natural that you want to share your connection with others, and where better to start than at your local dog shelter or rescue organization? As you build your life, you can also make a difference in the life of an abandoned animal.  With all there is to do in your blossoming union, here are a few reasons why you should also adopt a dog.

Fun in the Yard

Putting your stamp as a couple on your home and yard is a great way to cultivate a style and taste that is uniquely your own. When you hang a welcome sign on the door, you want visitors to know that it is your space and that you are ready to share it with the world. Having a dog running around as you work and play can bring a sense of family to everyone. As your pup learns to trust you both, you can strengthen the bond you have created. Moreover, if you want to enjoy all four seasons outside, then consider a fire pit construction for the cold days and look for pool builders near me for the hot ones. After all the toil is done, make sure the pooch is not alone where he might burn himself or fall in the water, sit back and enjoy.

Shared Responsibility

Splitting up household responsibilities is an important part of establishing a routine. It can be romantic to decide who cooks dinner each night and then surprise your partner with a special meal. Adding a dog into that equation can also give you a feeling of unity and purpose as a team. You may learn how to read one another’s emotional needs. If either of you is having a bad day, then understanding the other person’s need for some quiet time and taking the dog for a walk yourself might help to alleviate their stress. Alternatively, giving your pet and your significant other a few minutes on their own may be a tender treat too.  Learning about your dogs needs as well as your partners needs can be helped with a dog trainer or a trained professional such as a coach.  In our world, needs are non-negotiable!

Reliable Companionship

A remarkable gift that comes from adopting a canine is the constant companionship they will pack along with them. Because dogs require exercise, they can inspire you to get out and go for a walk or take a hike. Visiting a local dog park can introduce you to others in the neighborhood and promote friendships with other couples you might not have otherwise met. In addition, if you live in a community that allows dogs at restaurants and cafes, you can take him to lunch or dinner with you. Imagine the romance of bringing up the diamond clarity chart while the three of you plan your next big step together over a glass of wine.

Add a Level of Security When You are Alone

Even if you are cohabitating full time, there may be a few nights when one of you is out of town. Of course, your dog may not be aggressive at all, but just hearing a dog bark can be a major deterrent for strangers and can give you a sense of security if you are alone. In a similar fashion, coming home to an empty house can be scary, but if you know there is a furbaby waiting to greet you, it is easier to walk in the door by yourself.

There are thousands of pups of all breeds and ages just waiting for a family to call their own. In the end, so long as you have decided to go forward with your lives together, you might be even happier throughout the journey if you find a cuddly little rascal to round out your gang.

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