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It’s a well-known fact that moving to a new place can be both a very stressful and taxing experience. After all, you’re leaving your cozy home of the last few years for a completely new one, a situation quite disorienting even to the best of us. Hopefully, in a day or two, everything will be just as normal as before.

The same often can’t be said about your furry companion. Due to pets lacking essential insight into the whole operation and the capacity to understand it in its entirety, moving is often exponentially more difficult for pets to adapt to. Fortunately for you, there are numerous ways in which you can help your doggie adapt quicker to their new house. Read on and learn how to mitigate the stress of moving for your canine friend.

Consider Giving Your Dog Some CBD Oil to Make It Calmer

One of the most effective ways to make your pet calmer and more relaxed is by giving it CBD oil. The main component of this oil is called cannabidiol, or CBD    a compound derived from the hemp plant. This chemical compound is different from THC, which makes you high after consuming cannabis. 

Not only does it not make your dog high, but it has some profound calming effects on them as well. As a result, your furry friend will be calmer and more at ease in their new home, making the transition easier and faster. One of the most convenient ways to give your dog CBD is to opt for Osiris Organics CBD dog chews – they look exactly like dog treats. However, you can also find pet-friendly CBD oils and tinctures.

Make the House Smell Like Home

The smell of home can often be an extremely powerful element that can help your pet more quickly adjust to the new environment. There are several ways to make the house smell like your old residence. For example, if you used any sort of air freshener in your previous home, you could do the same for your new one as well. It will not only make the place smell better to your pet, but it will also provide a kind of familiarity that will help them get used to their surroundings a lot faster.

Another idea would be to move some of the items from your old home into this one. All you have to do is find several items that were important to your dog in the past, then put them in the new place. Things like a favorite stuffed toy will have a very special meaning for your pet, so they’ll feel more comfortable in the new environment if they see some familiar items around them.

Bring Them With You While You Are Moving Your Belongings

It goes without saying that moving all of your belongings is bound to be a very stressful thing. Why not share that stress with your pet? While you’re busy moving your personal possessions, you can bring your dog along with you and show it where to sit and what to do while you’re busy working on the new house. 

This way, they will be able to see everything that’s going on, which will reduce their level of anxiety when they are left alone in the new place later on. Even if this doesn’t have a lasting effect on their stress levels, it can at least be a temporary relief for them in these early days.

Let Them Explore the New Surroundings at Their Own Pace

The best way to expose your pet to their new home is by allowing them to explore it on their own terms. In other words, don’t force them to go into any of the newly-acquired rooms or areas – instead, allow them to do it at their own pace. This way, they can feel more relaxed in each location and not be forced into doing something that would make them feel uneasy. You can also lead your pup around with the leash on. If they are still feeling shy, you can also pick them up and carry them in a bag and let them explore visually and using their nose from the safety of their dog bag.

After all, your dog is a living creature with its own needs and preferences. As such, they would much rather that you respected their privacy and allowed them to take it easy on their own terms. In this way, they’ll feel more in control of the ordeal and will be able to better adapt to the new environment.


Moving can be quite a stressful endeavor for everyone involved. Luckily, there are many things you can do to make it more comfortable for your pet. If you want your dog to feel more at home in your new residence, you should try some of the tips above. With their help, your pet will soon come to grips with its new surroundings, and you will be able to enjoy the company of your best furry friend once again. Good luck!

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