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Even though owning and caring for a dog comes with some level of responsibility, the benefits outweigh the cons. To many people, a dog is more than a pet. They are classified as part of the family. This explains why many people go to great lengths to care for their dogs.

Taking care of your dog could be overwhelming. However, if you have the proper tips, it can set you on the right path.  You can do various things to make your beloved dog happy and comfortable.

This article will shed light on the various dos and don’ts of taking care of your dog.

Don’ts of Taking Care of a Dog

Don’t Smoke/Vape Around a Pet

Many people have accepted vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking. However, blowing vape smoke on their face is not cool. While it might seem fun to you, it is not good for your dog. Even if you got your vape from the best vape retailers in US, make sure you vape far away from your pet.

Don’t Use Force

Ideally, every dog owner needs to have a good relationship with their pup. However, such a relationship will be strained by excessive use of force. Dogs are intelligent creatures and capable of learning without the application of force. All you need is adequate knowledge and skill on how to train and manage them.

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

Don’t Neglect Nail Trimming and General Grooming

The tendency of your dog to develop ice balls in their hair is high with bushy coats. Untrimmed nails are prone to breaking, which could be painful, especially in senior dogs. As a result, make sure to have regular grooming.

Don’t Leave your Puppy Unattended

This instruction is suited for new pet parents. In the first couple of months, it is a bad idea to leave your pup unattended. Make sure to talk to a friend or get someone to babysit your puppy if you are away for long.

Don’t Forget to Keep Them Hydrated

In the same way, dehydration causes severe health issues in humans; it can make your dog also sick. This makes it essential to have fresh water in their bowl. You should keep them hydrated before going on walks and after every exercise.

Don’t Overfeed Them

Dogs are skillful at bribing their owners with their big adorable eyes that melt your heart. Make sure you are not tempted to give them an extra food serving or from your food. You don’t want Fido to gain too much weight, which could set the stage for a series of other health issues.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel from Pexels

Do’s of Taking Care of Your Dog

Do Make Sure They Get Enough Exercise

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Make sure your pup gets enough exercise. Engage your pup in various games like catch, fetch, hide and seek, etc. This will help stimulate their senses and help with training.

Do Visit the Vet Regularly

It’s important to stay updated on the vaccination schedule, deworming process, and getting rid of any parasites that might cause an issue for your dog. Always have the dog’s vaccination card updated, especially when traveling.

Avoid self-medication and reach out to your vet if your pet is ill, injured, or exhibits strange behaviors. Make sure to inform your vet of everything related to your dog and stay connected with 24/7 televet services for minor issues or checkins that require more than googling an answer.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Do Give Them a Balanced Diet

Dogs come in various breeds, making it essential to get the right food explicitly suited for your dog. Different species will need different food amounts per day. Make sure to research, get this information, and feed your dog accordingly.

Lap Dogs like Chihuahua, Min Pin, or a Pug will not need much food like active dogs such as German Shepherds or Greyhound.  Also, their meal will increase as they mature; take note.

Do Get the Dental Care

Make sure not to skip dental care as many dog breeds are susceptible to gum disease as well. This can have terrible health implications as they can develop an infection. If untreated, they can lose their teeth prematurely, and vital organs like the heart or kidney might take a hit.

Do Treat Them for Fleas and Ticks

Dogs are prone to fleas from the environment and other infected dogs. Their coat serves as the perfect breeding ground for these parasites. As a result, make sure to use flea shampoo for bathing them regularly.

Develop a Relationship by Communicating With Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures that have trained and adapted to living with humans over the years. When you spend time with your fur baby, you get to know it and develop a bond. Training will be easy, and you will also be able to recognize any sign of illness on time. Also, time spent with your dog can go a long way in avoiding daily life stressors.

Protect them From the Snow

Frigid temperature is harmful to a dog as it makes them prone to frostbite, hypothermia, and other health issues that come from extreme cold. As a result, go the extra mile to make them comfortable and safe during cold weather. Invest in dog coats and boots to keep Fido healthy.

Photo by Benjamin Lehman from Pexels



Getting a dog can be incredibly rewarding and one of the best decisions. Having it as a pet will reward you in several ways and improve your overall quality of life.

The recommended tips in this article can help take care of your dogs and avoid issues down the line.

Main photo: by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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