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How often does a dog need to urinate and have a bowel movement?

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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with the ones and twos when it comes to dog potty habits. One local dog owner poses crucial questions you may also be contemplating.

How often does she need to go outside to urinate and have bowel movements? I have been letting my dog out so frequently, that I do not know how often she really needs to go out to eliminate as opposed to going out to run around in the yard. Lately she has not been as interested in going outside as often as before. How long can she go without urinating or having a bowel movement before I should become concerned that it may be a medical problem?

Typically, dogs need to go outside to defecate after they eat. This usually will happen one or a few times a day. The frequency depends on what type of food the dog eats (dry or canned), the amount of food eaten, and the amount of fiber in the diet. Diets with higher fiber content typically cause more bowel movements. Dogs should urinate at least every eight to 10 hours. The actual frequency may vary according to dietary factors, including sodium (salt) or glucose (sugar) content and the amount of water consumed. Generally, normal daily urinary output in dogs is less than 20 milliliters per pound. Amounts greater than this may indicate an underlying health problem. There are many conditions associated with excessive urination, or polyuria. I recommend letting your dog out first thing in the morning, after she eats, before you go to bed, and a few other times during the day. If your dog strains to defecate, stops eating, is vomiting, has diarrhea or doesn’t have a bowel movement regularly (this will really depend on what is normal for your dog), or if urination seems excessive or unusually infrequent, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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