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Doggie Daycare packages for You!

By April 16, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

doggie daycare murray hill

Are you interested in putting together a fun package that would work for your busy lifestyle while also getting the maximum socialization time for your pup.  We are all about making sure that you have the flexible daycare package that will result in a healthy, happy pup. What we’ve seen over and over again is a happy pup is one that is exhausted after a day of play and knows when to stop playing, kick up their rest time and basically self-regulate their activity level. How can this be easily accomplished? With a daycare package with New York Dog Nanny. This allows you the client to drop your NYC dog off whenever it’s convenient for you. Long day? Long night?  Work party? Not a  problem. With our convenient pick up and drop off available at even last minute, no one would bark at that.  

We do recommend regularly scheduled play for your pup though? Why? Just as you enjoy looking forward to something you love- a friend visiting from town, working out twice a week with your gym buddy or your three times per week yoga class, so too does your dog LOVE to look forward to playing.  We personally know lots of dogs who though not usually pullers on the leash and ecstatic to come to daycare, boarding or for their walker to take them out.  We also know dogs are smart and will wait by the door on their daycare day ready in anticipating for a play day.  Indulge your dog in regular play time, especially if you work at home.  Your dog appreciates it more than you know!

10 pack: $349 (expires after 2 months)
20 pack: $650 (expires after 3 months)

Must purchase annual membership for packages.


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