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Pets provide company and companionship. For college students, they are an excellent way to relief stress and make your life more engaging. Since pets require time and attention, you can order your assignments from Thesis Geek. It ensures that your assignments remain on track without neglecting the pets.

While owning a pet in college is cool, you need to give the idea more time to crystallize. Having a pet comes with responsibilities and costs that you must consider before buying one. Here are a few issues that will make the decision on owning a pet easier.

Advantages of Having a Pet in College

You have the option of not having a pet. Still, you can choose to have one considering the benefits that pets offer to college students. Here are some of the benefits that should push you to owning a pet.

  • Company

With a pet by your side, you will never be lonely. Pets are always playing around or you will be grooming it every time you have a few minutes to spare. Even when a roommate or friend is away in class, you still have someone by your side.

Company is not restricted to the room. In case you are traveling, hiking, or jogging around the compound, you will never feel alone. On nights when you wake up earlier than everyone, the pet will be there to offer company.

Pets are also good at creating memories. They engage friends and strangers whenever you have an encounter. Such company is invaluable, especially considering that you do not pay for the company. The company of a pet is also stress-free. It does not come with fatigue or the extraneous demands to reciprocate the love. It is the most genuine and non-judgmental company you can dream about having.

  • Companionship

Everyone desires a friend with whom you can share memories and feelings. Unfortunately, people are not always available. In other instances, people are judgmental or may want to interfere with your life. A pet is different.

Pets are just there whenever you need them. A dog, for instance, will sit by listening to you talk without interruption or negative vibes. Whether you are happy or are mourning, the pet will be your best companion.

Because pets do not interfere with your life, they are regarded as the best therapy companions. Their silence allows you to offload emotions and grudges like you would when talking to a counselor. Even cuddling a pet is enough therapy and companionship.

  • An Engaging Life

Having a pet makes your life more engaging. Life becomes more than waking up, getting to the lecture hall, and returning to the hostel to sleep. The lifestyle of a pet causes you to be an active person on multiple fronts.

Pets require grooming and exercises. In the course of taking the dog or cat for a walk, you also enjoy the walk, and your life is healthier. You also have to think about food, grooming, exercise, and the health of your pet. Consequently, a student with a pet can never live a sedentary and boring life.

  • A Lesson on Responsibility

Owning a pet causes a student to be more responsible. In fact, it is a chance to learn responsibility early in life. How do you learn responsibility from a pet?

First, you have a living creature depending on you. You must think about what the pet eats, where it is at each moment, and its health. Such responsibilities will be on your shoulders when you get a family or are running a business with employees.

A pet also alters your thoughts processes about life activities. For instance, you know to spare your resources because a third party is depending on you. It is a lesson on sharing resources and stretching them until they can fit within your budget.

Finally, you cannot neglect the pet especially when taking a long trip or going on holiday. Your plans must include where the pet stays and what it eats when you are away. All these responsibilities strengthen your sense of responsibility. The responsibility extends to your time management and school work. In the process, your academic performance will improve.

  • Personal Fulfillment

It is fulfilling to own a pet. The fulfillment comes from the active lifestyle it gives you. It also comes from seeing it healthy and playful. Because of the ensuing contentment, you enjoy a better college experience. You perform well in class and have beautiful memories from your college years.

What to Consider When Getting a Pet in College

The rosy benefits of owning a pet while in college may cause you to rush into buying one. Hold on for a moment and think about the implications of bringing a cat, dog, or any other pet into your life. Remember that pets are living things that require care and attention. The care and attention cost money, among other requirements. What then should you consider before buying a pet?

  • Environment Adjustments

Each pet has a preferred environment where it would love to live. For instance, you might need space for kennels or a slit on the wall where the pet can come into the house and go out. You must also prepare a toilet space for the pets.

Adjustments to accommodate the pests cost money. They also disrupt your lifestyle, especially taking valuable space. You must also make space for the pets on your coach or bed. Such adjustments will disrupt your life and space.

  • Upkeep Budget

Do you have the money to feed your pet? What if the pet falls sick, can you afford veterinary fees? You may also need grooming products and social activities to keep the pet healthy. There are ways to care for your pet more affordably.

By the time you bring a pet into your life, you must be ready to handle the obvious and hidden expenses that come with their presence. In the absence of such upkeep resources, your pet will suffer in your hands.

  • Time For Care

A pet requires time. Remember that you are acquiring one while still in college. It means splitting your time between the pet and other activities like class or social engagements.

Pets are especially specific about time. You must be present to play with the pet, groom it, and feed it. Exercise is also crucial for pets living in confined spaces.

If you love traveling, you must think about the welfare of your pet. Who will care for your dog or cat while you are away? Dedicate enough time to make the pet comfortable and healthy. Such time must not compromise your core mandate of being in college, which is your academics. Ensure that you still have time for personal and social activities.

  • The Opinions Of Your Roommates

Have you consulted your roommates on the decision to have a pet? Will they approve the addition of another member to the room? They might also have an opinion on the kind of pet you bring. As such, their approval is paramount.

Beyond your roommates, other people within the compound must approve. You also have school authorities and their stand on pets. Such considerations make it easy to live with the pet without getting into trouble with the law or your friends.

  • Personal Health, Especially Allergies

Pets come with allergens that are likely to cause irritations if you are sensitive. Irritation comes from the fur, contact with the pet, and just being in the same environment. If you have such health issues or your roommates would suffer, you have to make an alternative decision.

The Best Pets for College Students

Is there a good pet and a bad one? Well, each person has unique preferences that cannot be overruled by anyone. As a result, we will look at individual common pets and why they are good for college students. This information will help a student to make a better choice of a pet based on personal circumstances.

A Dog

Dogs are a common choice for pets. They live a lovely lifestyle, especially offering room for you to walk around as you exercise or breathe fresh air away from class. They are the best companions because they seem to understand moods faster.

Dogs also come in a variety of breeds, dictating their sizes, colors, and level of activity. As an owner you have more leeway with a dog than any other pet. They are also less prone to diseases and will rarely be aggressive towards the people around.


Cats love attention but will also give it back. They love grooming and will, therefore, get you off the coach. The trouble with most cats is their fur as well as sharp claws that might tear into your coach or curtains. They feed less and can survive without much attention.

Cats and dogs are the best pets for college students. Each pet comes with a variety of breeds, leaving numerous options that will suit personal preference. Luckily for the two types of pets, they do not require a lot of attention. As such, you will still focus on your studies.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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