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How long do dogs sleep? A typical adult dog sleeps from eight to twelve hours. However, puppies usually play until they’re exhausted. They aren’t physically equipped to sleep for a long time without relieving themselves. Regardless of the length of the sleeping time, your puppy will need a sleep schedule to avoid being awake and unable to play.

REM Sleep In Dogs

If you have ever observed your dog during REM sleep, you’ve probably noticed his eyes moving behind closed lids. They dart around as if he were imagining something. REM sleep in dogs is believed to be a phase where the dog visualises dreams and dream images. Many people also report dreaming when waking up from this state. This study has several implications for understanding REM sleep in dogs.

Although there is no definitive evidence of how long sleep lasts in dogs, it is believed that the dog undergoes several episodes of REM sleep. It has been found that dogs spend about 80% of their nighttimes in this type of sleep, compared to 65% in humans. The duration of REM sleep varies from dog to dog and may be influenced by certain conditions such as the location and pre-sleeping experiences. Sleep in dogs may also be influenced by the aging process and developmental stage.

How Much Do Puppies Sleep?

You should also be aware of the puppy’s circadian rhythm, which is a natural clock that regulates your sleep cycle. For example, a puppy who sleeps for eight hours will need to go potty four times before sunrise. The more predictable their sleep schedule is, the better they’ll do.

In their early days, a puppy’s sleep needs are less than eight to ten hours. It may wake several times during the night, so it is crucial to get plenty of rest. Puppies’ sleep needs decrease by 16 weeks old, but they may still need to wake up several times during the night. By one year, a puppy should have no problem sleeping through the night. Even then, they may take naps during the day.

How Much Does An Adult Dog Sleep?

An adult dog’s sleep cycle differs widely depending on its breed, health status and lifestyle. Larger dogs sleep more than small dogs, and older ones can sleep up to 16 hours a day. But don’t get too excited just because your dog sleeps more than you do – this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in a deep sleep, it may simply be in a relaxed, quiet rest.

An adult dog’s sleep cycle consists of two parts: a deep and a light sleep. Each part lasts about 45 minutes, and REM is where dogs cycle twice. REM sleep cycles last approximately six minutes each time. Your dog spends about 20 minutes in each stage, and during each phase, they move their eyes and do not send visual information to their brains. Because dogs need sleep to grow, it’s critical to give them the proper amount.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

When your dog begins to appear sleepy, you may wonder why. Dogs need to rest in order to learn new tricks and repair their muscles. Sleep is necessary for dogs to function normally, but some breeds need more sleep than others. It is also important to consider your dog’s age and activity level, since giant breeds like St. Bernards need more sleep than smaller breeds. Often, this behaviour indicates an underlying problem that requires treatment. There are no exact numbers when it comes to how long a puppy should sleep, but it is generally eight to ten hours at night. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but your dog actually spends about half of its day sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation. A typical dog will spend twelve to fourteen hours each day sleeping, with just over a third of that time spent awake. The rest of the day is spent doing activities or being active. Generally, a dog’s naps are shorter than a human’s, and they spend more time in the non-REM stage of sleep than in the REM stage.


Most breeds of dogs sleep for about twelve to fourteen hours a day, but the answer can vary wildly. While humans and other species of dogs have different sleep cycles, dogs have evolved a diurnal sleeping pattern that consists of eight hours at night and four to five hours during the day. In addition, larger breeds tend to sleep for longer than smaller breeds, which usually sleep for around four to five hours a day.

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