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The pandemic has brought about many changes to the way our lives have operated. Gone are the days when one used to travel a lot of distance to reach the workplace, which is now available in the comfort of your own home. We can now play Eye of Horus online or chat with friends during breaks. It is possible to shift the workplace entirely. This might sound like good news for individuals who have home pets. The pet owner will now be spending a lot of time than expected with their dogs and cats. Yet, it is surprising that this action brings with it a new set of challenges. Any pet owner should be wary about the changes that their pets are going through.

It does not take long to realize that the home pets sitting near can also be a significant distraction. This is true when working remotely, but one can get in touch with specific techniques to help the homegrown pets be more content with the new lifestyle.

Advantages of Having Pets At Home

There are some obvious advantages to having pets at home. Of course, one would ask ‘Can house pets catch COVID?’ during this pandemic before deciding to get one if they do not already have a pet. Some of the key advantages that one can expect are the following.

Better Productivity

There appears to be a sizeable increase in productivity, as pets appearing in a virtual meeting ramps up the trust that a team has amongst each other. The team cohesion also goes up several notches in such a scenario.

Reduced Anxiety

Many people are now struggling with mental health as a result of feeling anxious frivolous things. The idea of home pet grooming can provide support and companionship even to those who are single.

Lower Work-Related Stress

One of the biggest challenges when working from home is the higher level of stress. It is challenging to achieve the same efficiency level in an environment when everyone is working toward the same goal. However, space at home for pets has been shown to reduce stress levels vastly.

Reasons For Erratic Behaviour in Home Pets

One of the expected behaviors from a dog who is getting to see the owner throughout the week would be excessive barking, excessive whining, and many other elements to get the attention. In the dog’s eyes, the owner is entirely available, and they can help alleviate boredom. The barking action might happen excessively by looking at the window, and the dog may also choose to follow the owner throughout the house. The behavior changes are likely to be caused because the dog has also experienced a change in routine. It is quite common for dogs to sleep through most of the time when owners are at work. Now, the domestic pets at home will frequently have the urge to interact with the owner at the cost sometimes of sacrificing their sleep.

Top Tips To Make A Dog Behave Well

What can you do to make pets behave better? Let’s have a look at some of the most critical aspects you should look at.

Training Schedule

The home pet training is a crucial element when trying to make sure that the home pets near me do not have any trouble in accustoming to the new schedule. One can start off by teaching the pet some new behaviors, like doing something different. Some of the techniques like showing them the option of being in a specific location at certain times of the day can help. It may not be ideal for getting work from home pet jobs throughout the year – especially once the pandemic goes away. Therefore, one should teach the pet to expect the owner only at certain times – just like one would teach their kids when they are not stepping out of the house for work.

Using Treats To Good Effect

In the initial few days, the dog is likely to come around seeking attention. If this happens,  direct the dog to the targeted spot, which will become the new identity when they try to get attention. This switch can be brought about by using a bone or two as homemade pet treats. Since dogs excel when it comes to structure and schedule, it becomes a lot easier once the decision has been made. The key parameter is to make sure that the dog does not bore in any way. This is easier said than done in large dogs, which require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. The training and exercise should make the dog tired, and one can always see a good dog only when it is tired.

The use of enrichment activities like puzzle toys can make for a lot of mental stimulation. Rather than keep repeating the same dull day over and over again, home grown pets can be taught to expect something new every day. It can be as easy as using puzzle toys.

Taking Time To Spend With The Dog

It should not come as a surprise that those are very social creatures. They continuously expect owners to spend time with them through means of walking and interacting. Apart from setting up a training routine for the dog to get used to the pets’ home-opening times, it also makes sense to try and spend some time with the dog by taking it for a 10-minute walk.

This can be done a couple of times intentionally so that the dog also gets some time out, gets to spend time with the owner, and enjoys expending some energy. One should realize pretty soon that dogs do not need a lot of attention. They can create a zone within which the owner has to provide a certain entertainment degree to make the bond. Once this has been done, owners can get back to their work while the dogs will enjoy the rest of the day.

Providing Pets With Their Own Time

Many owners get confused about the need to continually pamper pets, as they are in a position due to WFM nature. But do they don’t consider the home pets to have a need to be alone. This, however, be advisable even if dogs are incredibly social. The process of interaction has to be limited so that the pets can get some time off their own. This is very crucial, as owners do not need to be available at all times. After all, the home pets need for constant attention are very little, as many such as dogs and cats, do not demand such attention anyway. One can just focus on ensuring that the items like homemade pet food can meet the pet’s energy requirements without any hiccups. Since the owner is with the pet for most of this period, there may be some complacency in the food and entertainment areas.

Encouraging Good Behaviour in Home Pets

The ‘work from home’ can be used as a blessing in disguise if the pet has been giving too much trouble of late. This would be a good time to impart some proper behavior within the pet by giving an activity, affection, and any other parameter which the pet has been deprived of so far. The owner needs not to think negatively that ‘pets are home near me’ and that ‘I cannot work as a result.’ One has to learn to use the situation positively.

The owner can now spend more time with the pet than ever before. They are unlikely to have any distractions aside from work. Since a lot of time that has so far gone into travel is now saved, it can be spent on more useful things like getting the pet to be good. This time can actually be immensely beneficial in the long run, when things return to normal.

One should have multiple choices on hand so that they can make better picks concerning their pets.


There are likely to be many instances where pets make their presence felt during a video with the team boss or a client. This is one of the first world problems created by the pandemic. It also has put a new light into a situation where pets have to undergo a massive change in their behavior – just like their owners. It is reported that a large chunk of owners has been able to enjoy the time with their pets. Previously, home pets and travel used to be the only times when it was possible to create a huge bond with the pet. Now, there is ample time to do the same from one’s home’s comfort. Thankfully, it is not as complicated as initially feared. Armed with a few sets of treats, toys, and food, an owner will be able to get to grips with the pet in an instant.

What are your thoughts on home pets? Let us know in the comments!

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Ellen Royce is a dedicated online entrepreneur who believes in helping others using informative articles. Ellen has over 5 years of experience working with different online platforms and helping them transform their business models. She owns two golden retrievers and spends all her free time with them. She believes that dogs are what get us through all the hard times.

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