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Taking care of a dog can involve a considerable amount of time and money. Some smart planning can help to make your pet care costs more manageable.

Rescue a Dog

There are thousands of great dogs in shelters and foster care who are waiting for a home. Adopting a dog is usually a fraction of the cost of buying a dog from a breeder. Also, adopting a dog saves you from having to research a breeder to ensure that they have proper licensing and are using responsible breeding practices.

Own Your Home

Having a dog can put renters in precarious circumstances. In fact, people who want a dog but don’t have one commonly cite not owning a home as the primary problem holding them back. Restrictions on pet ownership can make it a lot more challenging to find an affordable apartment in a good location. Some apartment buildings that allow dogs have weight restrictions. In cities where rental housing is particularly expensive, many landlords and property management companies assign a high premium to dog-friendly rentals. Owning a home is a key financial safeguard for a dog owner. Getting the dog of your dreams won’t impact your housing costs, and you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a dog compromising a tenancy if he or she develops behavioral issues.

If you are a first-time buyer, you may be able to achieve your goal of homeownership if you plan carefully. Do some due diligence about the housing market in your area, and familiarize yourself with potential financing sources. Consider the following issues:

If you’re able to answer these key questions about a purchase that you’re considering, you should forge ahead and apply for the funds that you need. Putting your housing costs towards equity rather than spending it on rent every month could be a great investment. Moreover, it could be a fantastic way to give your dog a great place to live with plenty of outdoor space.

Get Pet Health Insurance

Medical costs for a healthy puppy can be considerable. Puppies need to see a veterinarian several times within their first year to get treatment for deworming in addition to several essential vaccinations. A preventive care package can make medical care for your new puppy more affordable.

As a puppy grows up, preventive care packages become less of a value proposition. Benefits are comparable to premium payments, but being able to stagger the cost of preventive care can make it easier to work into your monthly budget. Accident insurance, however, can offer very valuable benefits for reasonable premiums. This type of coverage can cover the cost of emergency care and follow-up treatment if a dog gets hurt or develops a non-congenital health condition. Some policies can also pay for behavioral therapy.

Consider Liability Insurance

People do not always consider their potential liability exposure in owning a dog. If your dog causes harm to a person or another animal, you could be strictly liable for medical costs. A canine liability insurance policy is a strategic safeguard to avoid potentially serious financial hardship.

Network With Neighborhood Dog Parents

Knowing the folks who own dogs in your neighborhood could prove to be advantageous. When you are friends with people who have dogs, you can help each other out with providing care when you need some help with walks and feeding while you’re busy with work or social plans. A trusted support network is an affordable alternative to professional dog walking services. Also, friends with dogs like to let each other know about where to find good deals on supplies and where to get great veterinary care.

Dogs need a lot of care, but they give so much back and greatly enrich their owners’ quality of life. Being resourceful will help you take awesome care of your new furry family member.

photo credit: peri-stojnic-5Vr_RVPfbMI-unsplash

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