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There are studies which reveal that bringing your dogs into the workplace increases the productivity of the employees and help them lower their stress levels. This is why, a lot of employers are catching on to this trend and they are looking to help their employees bring their dogs along in the office as well.

One of my friends, Amanda Sachs, brings her dog along at her workplace. She works in Adobe and Adobe is among the 8% companies which allow the employers to bring their pet dogs along at the workplace.

Her light brown Yorkshire terrier sits along with her near her seat while she attends her calls and works. She also carries the tactical harness along at the workplace. Amanda is among those lucky employees who are allowed to bring dogs along at the workplace.

She says that whenever she wants a breather, she takes her dog out for a walk in the office campus and play with her.

Bring dogs to the office not only provides social support for the employees, it also fills the environment with positivity and provides a topic for employees to talk to another.

There have been studies which also reveal that dogs also decreases the chances of depression and mental illness issues.

Dog parents are always thinking about their pet dog and they have to go and feed their dog or they need to leave the office early to be at home with the dog. All these thoughts in their mind reduces productivity as well.

But with these advantages of bring dogs into the workplace, there have to be certain Do’s and Don’ts as well so that the interests of both the employee and the employer are not hindered in any way.

Some things to keep in mind before bring your dog to the Office

  • Check with the higher authorities or your human resource management whether you can get yourself approved or not.
  • Check with the co-workers to see if they are okay with a dog around them. There might me someone who is allergic to dog hair or their might be someone who fear dogs. Everybody might not be really comfortable with a dog around their seat. A little communication can go a long way to keep both the pets and co-workers happy.
  • Your pet should not be a distraction for you and the others. Do not let your dog make noises or run fast from one place to another which will distract employees and create problems for you in the long run. If your barks too much, I would recommend you to first train him to stop barking when you tell him to do so.
  • Have a well-trained dog or train your dog regularly. Before you bring your dog to the work, ensure that he is properly trained. At the very least, your pet should understand basic commands like sit, stay, down, and come.
  • Socialization is important. Your dog should be well-socialized pet dog who doesn’t get aggressive when he sees a stranger. This is a must if you want your dog to accompany you at your workplace.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of alone time for your dog.  Dogs deserve down time and need to be alone without the humans on a semi-regular basis. Leaving your pup at home and getting a dog walker twice a week is perfectly fine.
  • Doggy daycare socialization. Even if there are other dogs in the office, it is so substitute for a specific environment where your pup can “go ham” with other pups.  As much as your pup is socializing with your co-workers etc, there is no substitute for another pup (or group of pups) for the dogs dog social life. We recommend that a dog gets his dog social skills needs met 1-2 times per week on a regular basis (we also recommend you pick the same two days per week so that he/she can make long friendships with dogs who also are on the same schedule).
  • Post-work activities. Happy hours and going out with colleagues after work can be a spontaneous thing.  Consider which days you want to bring your pup is so you’re not stuck dropping your pup off at home and making the extra trip or bringing them to a bar which might be too loud of an environment and your dog won’t properly looked after.

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