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With the world opening back up again, many of us are getting ready to travel again. We want to go to new places and make up for lost time during the pandemic. However, some of us are also concerned about how to safely travel with our pets. It’s not always straightforward, but this post will help guide you on actions to take while traveling, to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Get Your Dog a Car Crate

While some owners allow their dogs to roam free in their vehicles, experts do not recommend it for longer jaunts. Dogs can become restless over time, and, in the event of an accident, it can be dangerous if you don’t strap them in.

The safest way to travel with a dog is to get a crate that you can anchor to your vehicle’s seat belts. Put the dog inside, close the front door and then strap it into place. Seat belts for pets are another option. However, studies have not shown them to reliably protect pups during a crash.

Keep Your Dog’s Head Inside

As any dog owner will tell you, dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows and letting their tongues flap around in the wind. Nothing seems to fill them with more joy. However, this favourite pastime isn’t safe. Dogs get injured easily when debris from the road flings up into their faces. The advice for owners? Keep their heads inside the vehicle at all times.

Dog Insurance

As a dog owner, you probably don’t want to think about your dog getting sick when you travel. However, it is a risk and one you should prepare for. Your best defense is dog insurance. This provides cover for things like vet fees and pre-existing conditions, depending on your dog’s age. Check your dog insurance policy to make sure that it covers your pooch for travel. Some insurers may not.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone in Your Vehicle

Stopping off by the side of the road for a comfort break is part and parcel of any extended road trip. However, if you get out of your vehicle, remember to take your dog with you. Don’t leave them behind. Dogs can find it difficult to deal with heat. Even when temperatures outside are mild – perhaps 20 degrees C – temperatures inside the vehicle can rocket to more than 35 degrees C. In this heat, dogs can experience organ damage or death.

Stop Regularly

Lastly, make sure that you stop regularly on your journey. Giving your dog rest breaks and plenty of exercise will keep them comfortable. if you take your dog away with you, always equip them with an ID collar, tag and leash. Even if they do go missing, other people should be able to return them to you.

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