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A lot of dog parents love their pets so much that they prioritize their furry family members’ health and happiness above their own. People’s passion for petcare has driven the expansion of a multibillion dollar industry. There have been numerous advancements and innovations geared towards meeting consumers’ interest in enhancing the quality of their pet’s health. Here are some new approaches to petcare that can help you keep your dog as healthy as possible.

1. Pet Insurance Pays off in the Long Run

Taking care of your pet’s medical needs can be costly. An insurance plan can help you make preventive care costs more predictable and also wind up saving you thousands of dollars on veterinary bills if your dog has an accident or becomes ill.

You can get a pet insurance policy online easily, and you won’t have to go to a ton of different websites to find the best rate. Thanks to insurtech that helps carriers generate quotes, you can enter in a few basic stats about your dog like its breed and age to get a quote. Then you can tweak deductibles or coverage inclusions to design a customized insurance plan that will give you invaluable peace of mind about affording your pet’s health care costs.

2. At-Home Dental Care Routines

Most dogs WILL have periodontal disease by age 3. That means start their oral care ASAP. In years past, people didn’t really do much to care for their dogs’ dental and periodontal health. Unfortunately, neglecting this vital area of pet care could cause dogs to experience long-term problems with their oral health and chronic discomfort.

Don’t believe the old hype that a dog’s mouth is the cleanest part of a dog’s body. There’s no magical self-cleaning device built in. You’re going to need to clean your dog’s mouth manually. Dental treats are a great way to give your dog a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. They remove plaque that’s trapped around the gumline by scraping it away with a textured surface every time your dog takes a bite. They’re a great supplement to brushing, but treats alone aren’t sufficient to clean your dog’s mouth.

Nowadays, pet owners who are in the know about the importance of dental care stick to a smart cleaning regimen. You should be brushing your dog’s mouth at least three times a day if not every day depending on its age, oral health conditions, and diet. Even with regular brushing, dogs will still tend to require periodic prophylaxis from a dentistry professional just like people do.

3. Support Small/Medium Sized Businesses with Subscription Services

Shop your values!  Popular subscription services can help you get access to the latest and greatest pet supplies on the market.  Or adopt an 80/20 rule about convenience vs. shopping locally or supporting a small business owner!   You can get subscription boxes that feature trending treats, healthy supplements, and wag-worthy toys that your dog will get excited about.

If you don’t opt into a monthly subscription plan, just enrolling in auto-ship is a good way to take the legwork out of your petcare deliveries and avoid running out of the things that you purchase for your pet most frequently. Online pet supply retailers usually have auto-ship offers that may yield ongoing percentage savings on your orders.

4. Leveraging Technology to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

People’s smart devices that monitor their health offer a lot of insight into their overall health. They capture information about physical activity, sleeping habits, and vital functions.

The same type of technology that people wear around their wrists is available for dogs to wear around their collars. With a monitoring tool, you can get real-time alerts about your dog’s health and also track their activity levels to ensure that they’re getting the right amount of exercise.

Ultimately, being conscientious about your dog’s health can help your pet enjoy a great quality of life for years to come. Your dog is counting on you to keep life healthy and joyous.

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