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Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a medicinal herb, belonging to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. This herb comes from the coffee family and has many health beneficial properties. Traditional use of this herb among native people is well known. A large amount of Kratom is imported annually from Southeast Asia to the USA due to its popularity. 

This herb is known for its healing abilities, restoring mental health, increasing concentration, relaxation etc. It is also very helpful to energize the body, improves stamina and activeness depending on the color of the vein and doses.

Still kratom also contains many alkaloid properties that can worsen the health due to overdose or long term use. Thus, many countries have put a ban on the usage of plants. But this can not discard all its good qualities. Nowadays Kratom strains come in various forms like capsules, liquids, tablets and powders etc.

And in recent times researchers show that not only humans but also animals can take benefits of it. Therefore we will discuss and try to find out is it possible to use kratom  for you tiny once? And how safe are they? Everything you should know about it.

Can You Give Kratom to Your Dog?

Kratom strains are widely used for human beings but  it’s healing abilities are also useful for the animals. And many people have already used this for their dogs. Thus, you can give your dog kratom. And can get a number of benefits from it. Also some of the vets prescribed it as a natural medication for Dogs. But one should keep a keen eye on the doses and results of yellow vietnam kratom effects in dogs as a high dose of it can have an addictive and hazardous effect on the health.

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You should start by giving your dog small doses of kratom much like humans. And gradually increase the amount as per need.  Since kratom medication is a bit complicated, you should consider talking to a specialist first then deciding yourself.

Here are some of the beneficial sides of Kratom for your dogs.

For Chronic pain relief

As for the humans It is widely known among kratom users and prescribers that it can help dogs recover from severe and chronic pains. Some alkaloid properties present in kratom  works magically of pain. Many dog owners admitted that kratom worked fast and better than some other medications on their dog. It is also proven that it is also useful to recover soreness and aches of dogs.

For relieving Anxiety

 Similarly, like us our tiny friends can also suffer from stress and anxiety. The anti-anxiolytic elements of this herb have a great potential to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety and help to calm. By interacting with the nervous system it reduces the amount of stress hormone the body releases. It also helps to improve sleeping patterns and strengthen the mental health of your dog.

For healthy appetite

Many dogs suffer from low appetite and immunity. Feeding them with some herbal products of kratom will naturally improve their appetite and increase their hunger. This is also very useful for elevation of immunity among them. So they can have a happy and active lifestyle.

Different types of Kratom for your Dogs

There are three prominent strains of kratom available in the market depending on the color of the vein. This strain works differently depending upon the color of the vein and dosages. Here are a few strain usages of each vein. But not all kinds of strains are good for your dogs and here we make a list of fee strains which are safe and effective for your dog:

Indo  Kratom: 

This kratom strain has high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine which makes its alkaloid profile very unique. It works as a great pain relief and can help your dog with any kind of pain issues regardless of its source. It is also sedative and thus helps reduce anxiety in your dog and improve sleeping patterns.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is very famous among kratom users. It effectively relieves pain by relaxing the body. This strain also has a calming effect on mind. Along with its pain relieving property, it is also a great energy booster.

This strain would be a good choice for your dog  to keep him/ her easy and playful through the day.

Green Malay kratom

This Kratom strain is well balanced between the white and the red strains. So, it has qualities of red and white strains in it. It effectively interacts with neurotransmitters which gives magical results like in low doses it has a soothing effect on body and mind and in high doses it is helpful in curing chronic pain.

Make sure you know the dosages well if you choose this strain for your dog as in high doses it has a sedative effect.

Borneo kratom strain

Like other kratom strains mentioned above, Borneo strain gives similar benefits. It is brilliant in controlling restlessness in your pet by successfully reducing anxiety and stress levels. This strain also has pain relief properties and is great with chronic pain issues.

Furthermore, it works really faster than other strains. Though it can reduce any type of pain, it is primarily in muscle stress and pain. Finally, you should be careful with the quantity you give your pet as it numbs the senses and high dosages can be harmful for your dog.

Easy way to give your Dog kratom

Giving your kratom straight in powder form or mixed with water is probably not a good idea because they surely would not like it because of its bitter taste. You can give your pet kratom by mixing with food, sugar free peanut butter would be a great choice. Basically, choose foods that can successfully disguise the bitter taste of kratom.

You can also consider adding probiotics to it as probiotics help break down the alkaloids of kratom. 

Alternatives to Kratom for your dog

When it comes to exploring alternatives to kratom for your dog, CBD (cannabidiol) products may offer a viable option. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has gained popularity for its potential therapeutic benefits in pets. It comes in various forms made specifically for dogs or other pets, including CBD oil, treats, chews, and tinctures. You can search and find the best and most reliable options for your pet. CBD is well known for being soothing and anti-anxiety, as well as having the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. To protect your pet’s wellbeing, always choose reputable, high-quality CBD products.


Kratom strains are quite  helpful for dogs and can resolve numerous illnesses. They are also very popular among the owners and veterinary experts for their multiple health benefits. But due to some negative side effects of kratom it is recommended you get proper advice before feeding your dog any Kratom product.

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