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Mistaken Identity: Miniature Wooly Mammouth Scandal

By November 20, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

As tensions rise over an innocent post calling Sophie (see above) a mini-wooly mammouth, Sophie finally decides to tell her side of the story.  Sophie, a Maltese by breed, has chosen not to comment for the past several weeks.  “I don’t think it’s a big deal.  I never really saw myself as a modernista Maltese. I’m not into the whole puppy cut hairstyle that a lot of dogs in NYC think is so fashionable.  I prefer the ‘au natural’ look. I’m a dog and I’m happy with my life.”

When asked about her relationship with New York Dog Nanny, says Sophie, “My brother Teddy and I are on excellent terms with ALL of the dog nannies.  They are fair, kind and hospitable. We’re always comfortable, well looked after and we have a great time at the dog B & B. Could they be a little more sensitive with the wooly mammouth comments? Sure.  Am I sueing them for slander? No.”

Says Sophie, “Teddy and I have been going to New York Dog Nanny for going on a year now.  We love to stay at the cage-free Kennel, we love the frequent walks and the people are great.  We have no reason to go elsewhere for our care needs.”


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