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When you take on a new job, there are many things that come with it, and they can bring stress and anxiety as you learn to cope with all the changes. When it comes to relocating for your new position, the pressure can be overwhelming, especially as you start thinking about how you’ll handle all the details that go along with a move. For pet owners, the process can be stressful for both them and the animal, and it can affect the job search, interviews, and training period.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help the process along. Making sure your dog’s needs are met while you prepare for the move is important, as it can help relieve anxiety on his part and can keep you focused on all the things you have to take care of. Starting with a good plan can help you stay motivated and reduce stress while you get accustomed to your new surroundings.

Keep reading for tips on how to take care of your pup when your job involves a move.

Prep for the Interview

Sometimes, we have to travel in order to follow our dreams. If your job search takes you to a new city, state, or country, it’s important to be as prepared as you can for the interview, for several reasons. First, the more informed you are about the job you’re applying for will help you sound confident and make you look like more of a solid candidate when speaking to a potential employer. Secondly, part of the preparation should be ensuring your pet is well taken care of while you’re gone. If you know your pup is in the hands of a great pet sitter, you can focus on the interview without worrying about your beloved pet.

Take Your Time

Once you land the job, it’s time to plan for the adventure ahead. When you take your time preparing for the move, you’ll be better able to get your dog ready for all the changes as well. Many dogs have anxiety when it comes to change, and if your pup sees you packing things up, he may be negatively affected. That’s why it’s important to start the process slowly. Begin packing in one room, and keep the boxes separated from the rest of your belongings. Gradually, you can start taking care of other rooms.

Bring His Favorite Things

When your pet has his own belongings, it can help keep him calm and anxiety-free in the new place. Bring along his favorite toys, his bedding, and his food and water dishes, and try to keep those items in areas similar to where they were in the old house. This will help avoid confusion and help him get used to the new home quickly and without issue.

Let Him Explore

It’s a good idea for both you and your dog to visit and explore your new community before the move. This will help him get used to all the new sights, sounds, and smells, and it will give you the opportunity to check things out as well. Scoping out your new city ahead of time can help reduce anxiety for both of you after the move, as you’ll already be familiar with the area. When things aren’t brand new and unknown, they’re a little less intimidating.

A Time to Start New Healthy Habits

Moving to a new home is the perfect time to get started or level up on dog routines and habits that will reinforce your pup being calm and a follower to you- his pet parent.  Remember dogs feel calmest with a hierarchy so be sure to use that to your advantage.  If your pup likes to bark at the door every time it rings or has trouble consistently with a certain command, a new home is the perfect place to practice perfecting this new trick or positive habit and extinguish behavoirs you don’t like.

Helping your dog to stay calm and happy during the process of finding a job in a new place will allow you both to move forward smoothly. Think about the best ways to help him during each phase of the move, and remember that everything you do for him is also for your well-being. With a good plan, you and your pup can enjoy your new home.

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