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Who is in your dream home? The easiest way to ensure your dream home feels like it is accounting for every occupant. An easily overlooked occupant is your pet. The furry friend also needs to feel comfortable and at home, keeping them happy, playful, and healthier. No one wants a grumpy pet, and if they don’t feel safe and comfortable in your home, that’s what you’ll get. As you browse through the available properties on Hauzisha, you’ll be impressed by the innovative features designed to offer functionality and aesthetic appeal. While on it, consider the features and how they make your pet feel. Among the must-have features of a perfect house for you and your furry friend includes:

Wash Station

If it’s too much trouble to bathe your dog in the tub, you can bathe them in the sink or outside in a plastic tub.

Cleaning your pet, especially after a muddy encounter, can be a hassle. Your bathtub isn’t the most comfortable space. You’ll struggle to keep the pet in position, especially if the pet keeps escaping as you look for that brush. You’ll be lucky to escape without an achy back with all the bending. A pet washing station makes the process hassle-free.

An easily customizable station allows you to configure it to your liking and as per your pet, such as its size and cleaning frequency. You’ll have an easier time holding the pet in the area, thoroughly washing it, and as it is also comfortable, enjoy a better experience. A clean pet is not an option; you need them tidy, especially as they jump on the couch and virtually anywhere in the house.

Pet Door

We’ve come a long way, from those unsightly plastic pet doors to great designs that seamlessly blend with the rest of your house. The doors are a gem, especially as your pet can come and go with less friction if you are not around.

Pet Gate

Pet doors allow your furry friend to come and go, but you don’t want them in certain spaces. Your kitchen, for example, especially when you are busy cooking, should be out of reach. That’s where pet gates come in, providing the needed barrier to keep them out.

Dedicated Pet Space

Most dogs prefer a dog den aka bedroom. The best location for this is in the corner of a room.

Does the pet have a room they can escape to for uninterrupted playtime or rest? You’ve given thought to your kids’ playroom, perhaps even a cave where you escape everything and relax, but how about the pet? Pets are social, but they also need some privacy, which you can facilitate by ensuring the house has a dedicated room. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, especially if the pet is smaller or you don’t have much space to spare. Get creative with toys the color, among other aspects, making it as fun and comfortable as possible. Build-in beds are a great addition, making the room an all-around space for the pet.

The Flooring

Pet claws can quickly ruin your flooring. As you consider the house features, see that it is sturdy and durable. Scratch and water-resistant materials are better. They’ll be easier to maintain, and with the many design and colors, you won’t have to compromise on the aesthetics.

Litter Box

The last thing you want is your pet trashing your house when you step out. While the lid keeps the litter box contents in, your pet can be crafty. The litter box should remain hidden, not openly visible, and inviting to the pet. Modern designs are creative, and as you consider the features, ensure you can creatively keep the litter box out of sight. Other options such as innovative furniture can also help.

The Outdoors

Your pet needs some fresh air now and then, and considering the house, a backyard can be a great space. As you develop a great pet backyard, fencing is crucial. The height and materials of the fence play a vital role. The appropriate height and sturdy material keep the pet within the property, ensuring you don’t lose them.


Your pet needs to eat, and the house features can ease or make the process a hassle. Features like a built-in pet storage unit food and water bowl take the considerable weight off your shoulders, as you can store and feed the pet easily.

Your pet is a part of the family, and as you consider what constitutes a dream house, weighing their needs is essential. The best thing is that most modern houses are pet-friendly, featuring designs that make it easier for homeowners to include what they need for various uses. If you are renting, remember to ensure that the lease allows you to bring a pet. Some neighborhoods and properties aren’t as accommodating, and you don’t want such frustration that could see you looking for a home for your pet. The dream home is only a few clicks away, and with the features highlighted above, you’ll find it and enjoy a perfect house for you and your pet, keeping the home lively.

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