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The decision to leave a pet at home when you travel is never easy. However, not all places welcome pets, and you may find yourself in a situation where it is necessary. Unless you already have a relationship with a daycare provider or sitter, you may struggle to find a suitable place for your fur baby to stay. These tips can help you find a great pet sitter, so you can travel for the holiday without worry.

Make a List of Your Pet’s Needs and Wants

You must consider what type of experience your pet wants at a sitter. Couch potato dogs may not want to be in an overly active household, while energetic puppies will need extra exercise and attention. Think like a business and develop a CX strategy to ensure your pup gets the type and amount of attention he needs at a sitter. Include his routine, favorite activities, and energy level to give potential sitters a snapshot of his personality and needs. This will help ensure it is a good experience for him and the sitter.

Decide Where You Want Your Pet To Stay

You’ll need to decide if you will take your dog to a pet sitter’s house or if he will stay at home while you are away. Many dogs are more comfortable in familiar surroundings, but others do well just about anywhere. Once you decide, you can narrow down your applicant pool by the type of services they provide.

Search for Candidates on Popular Pet Sitter Apps

Pet sitter apps are popular for several reasons. They let you find the best possible personality match between your pet and a sitter. Plus, they are easy to use, and they perform background checks on potential sitters.

Unfortunately, there can also be a dark side to using an app to find your next pet sitter. There are always a few horror stories floating around about pet sitters that neglected, abused, or even lost pets in their care. Read reviews, schedule a meet and greet, and try to get a handle on how your pet behaves toward and around any potential sitters to be safe.

Talk With Friends and Family Members About Who They Use

If you aren’t comfortable leaving your pets with a relative stranger, it’s time to talk with your friends and family members. There is a chance that one of them will be willing to watch your animals while you are on vacation. If not, they may be able to give you the name and number of the sitter they use. Getting direct feedback from someone you trust makes it a lot easier to leave your pets behind when you travel.

Ask Your Vet or Groomer for Recommendations

Current providers like your vet and grooming staff, are also great resources for finding caregivers. Many of these businesses offer boarding, which can be a good choice. Also, if your dog has medical conditions, staying with a vet means they are never far from the attention and care they might need. If that isn’t an option, ask if they know of any reliable sitters.

Schedule a Trial Visit

This is an especially important step if your pet tends to get anxious around new people or when visiting different places. Start with a simple meet and greet for about 30 minutes. You may need to progress to a couple of hours. If things seem to go well and your pet is excited when he sees the sitter next time, then you may have a good match.

Finding a pet sitter can be tough, especially around the holidays when so many other pet parents are also looking to book a stay. However, it is possible to find a great sitter by knowing your pet’s needs, talking to people you know and searching pet sitter apps.

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