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No doubt, the coronavirus has had a strong impact on the lives of millions across the globe. After all, when all of us were pushed within the four walls of the house, nobody had anticipated that this disease would take a big toll on everyone. Even pets were forced to stay indoors, so they could be protected from catching the virus. 

This led to the little ones getting frustrated who were used to walking out in the open. Because of too much sitting on the couch, the little ones lost their physical strength. In this blog, we will shed light on the best tips to keep your dog more physically active indoors:

Create an Obstacle

If you create an obstacle for the little ones, it will certainly create mental and physical challenges for them. Not to mention, they will be thrilled to enjoy and let themselves loose. The intriguing thing is, you can use various items in the house and have fun. 

This means you don’t have to go out in the market to purchase any additional accessories for the pets. Especially when it comes to the chairs, cushions, blankets and hula hoop, you have to go creative.

Play Hide and Seek

Before you decide to play this game with them, don’t forget to collect various treats for your puppy because he/she will want to be rewarded by the end. For children, this is the best game, since it keeps the entire family closely knit together. 

The idea is, everyone involved in the game will get a chance to play with the dog. Collect little treats out there because they will keep the little ones excited about everything. No wonder, it’s a fun game, since it allows your dog to exercise to the fullest. 

Fetch or Tug-of-War Puppy Playdate

While you usually have to play these games outside, you can bring them indoors as well. Now that COVID 19 has already mutated and become a lethal version of itself, you better stay indoors with the rest of your family. Read more if you want to know the pros of taking your dog’s outside or talk to a friend who often takes their puppies out to play. 

Of course, when you play tug of war indoors with another pup (a neighbor’s dog for instance), remember that your dog might lose a bit of its control. So try to look out for their aggressive behavior and only allow tug-o-war between pups, never between people and dogs.

Get Your Puppy on The Treadmill

If you have a treadmill at home, you don’t necessarily always have to focus on losing weight all the time. You can instead have your dog run on the treadmill. Make sure to start slow and be on enough speed to catch up with the little ones. 

There are various dog-sized treadmills, which you invest in. However, you don’t have to force your puppy on the treadmill, if they’re not in a mood to indulge in this exercise. No wonder, a treadmill is the perfect treat for the puppy , if they’re in a mood to shake a leg with you. 

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