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When traveling, you always want to go with a big company or with your family. If you have a pet and want to take it with you, then there should not be any problems with flying. Everything is simple here: carrying, necessary vaccinations and that’s it. You can find this information on the website of any airline.

But there is no website that will explain exactly how to transport a dog in a car. If you use the services of Mercedes G-Class Rental in Dubai, then you obviously want to maintain a good relationship with the rental company, and even more, you want to leave the rental car safe and sound.  When you rent a car, you sign a contract, and a damaged interior from your dog can cost you a fortune. Of course, a rental company can help you to choose the right car for rent to transport your dog.

In this article, we will tell you how to transport a dog in a rented or in your own car, conveniently and safely for you and your pet.

How you Shouldn’t Transport your Dog

It is recommended that the dog is always securely fixed.

Rule 1: Don’t let your dog roam freely in the car. Chaotic movement can interfere with the driver, and in addition, it is fraught with injuries that the pet can receive during sudden braking or turning.

Rule 2: Don’t put your dog in the front passenger seat. In a collision, it can be thrown through the windshield or injured by an airbag.

Rule 3: Don’t feed your dog, at least three hours must pass before you start a round-the-world trip, for example. Many dogs get severe motion sickness, but even if the dog feels great on the road, do not give him any treats while driving, he may choke.

How you Should Transport a Dog

In the back seat. Much more convenient for the dog to be in the back seat of the car. There is no distraction in the face of the driver and an interesting dashboard. In addition, there is much more free space behind.

The simplest thing is to cover the entire space with a special cover, and fasten the pet with a car leash to the latch in the middle of the seat. This option is suitable for medium-large and large dogs.

Medium and small dogs may be uncomfortable. And for them there is a special solution – a soft dog car seat. This is a cozy box with thick sides, which is as comfortable as in your favorite home bed.

The best option for a dog of any size is comfortable transformer hammocks. In this case, 1-2 passengers can ride nearby.

In the (open) trunk. Only the trunk combined with the cabin is suitable for transporting dogs.

Mostly large dogs are transported in the trunk, but small and medium-sized pets are also happy to travel there.

Transportation of a puppy in a car. Puppies are little frisky fidgets. They easily slip out of your hands, easily get under the seat and can fall to the floor of the car from a high chair. They cannot be left unattended.

So that the baby is not afraid, it must be introduced to the car and useful accessories in advance. With a too active baby, it is better to play well before the trip so that it gets tired. Motion sickness is more difficult – you should always use a waterproof mat, blanket or diaper. They will help to calm the baby and give it the comfort of a car hammock or car seat. Thanks to dense layers of waterproof fabric, they will keep the seat clean.

We hope that our advice will help you. We wish you a pleasant journey with your four-legged friend!

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