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Dogs are considered sentimental and social animals. They give and receive love freely and love being with their people.

If you are like most people, your dog is more than a pet; they are a member of your family. Taking good care of your dog helps ensure they remain in good shape, happy, and healthy. However, from time to time, spoiling your dog is a must.

With winter rolling in, it can be more difficult to spend endless hours outside, which is when you may need to get a bit creative. While there is no question having your dog chase a baseball you hit with your wooden baseball bat is fun for you both, finding other, warmer activities is a good idea, too.

Take a Trip to the Pet Store

Many pet stores encourage you to bring your dog along while you shop.

Taking your pet to a store, if they are leashed, helps get them out of the house and gives them the chance to socialize with other people and animals.

You can even allow your dog to pick out a new toy or treat that you purchase.

Try Out New Treats

Why not break the usual cycle and routine you follow and give your dog something new? Choosing a new treat or type of treatment is a great way to mix things up and make the day more exciting and enjoyable for your pup.

Visit the Dog Park

Just because it is chilly outside, it doesn’t mean that your dog won’t enjoy spending time outdoors. Some dogs love running through the snow or just sniffing the cold air.

Consider paying a visit to the local dog park. Here you can let your pup run and play while you enjoy hot coffee or hot cocoa. If it is extra chilly, be sure to dress your pup in a cozy sweater before heading out. It may also be a good idea to limit time outside in the cold to just 20 minutes if the temperature is near freezing.

Swim in a Heated Pool

Does your dog love the water? During the winter, it can be hard to find ways to enjoy a refreshing swim.

While this is true, there is an option – a heated pool. If you have a pool without a heater, now is a good time to work with pool builders near me to install one. Not only will your pups love it, but so will you.

Get Out Old Toys

Chances are you buy your dog new toys all the time. Because of this, some older ones may have been forgotten, buried, or not played with for a while. Now is a great time to pull them out and have some fun with some old favorites.

Your dog may have forgotten about some of their toys and love getting to play with them again.

Schedule a Playdate for Your Dog

Socialization is important for any dog. If your dog doesn’t get to get out and see their friends because of the colder weather, it is smart to schedule a playdate.

You can contact a friend who has a dog or someone you know from the dog park. You can even schedule a day at a doggy daycare for them, where your dog can interact with other dogs.

Keeping Your Pup Happy All Winter

Just because colder weather has moved in, it doesn’t mean that the fun is over for your pup. Using the tips and information here will help ensure that your pup has a great winter and that they remain active, happy, and healthy.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of planning activities with your dog this winter. There’s no question that it will keep them active and happy and give you things to do as well. You can use the tips here or find other ways to ensure your dog has a fun and activity-filled winter.

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