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If you love your dog and you want to make it easier to groom him, you’ll be happy to know that dog grooming tables are here. Dog grooming tables make your life easier as you groom your furry friend! Below are some of the top benefits:

First, a grooming table for your pet is just more convenient. You no longer need to lean over or try to groom your pet while he is in your lap. You also don’t have to put the dog in the bath tub and worry about fur getting stuck in the drain.

The grooming table is at the ideal height for grooming your pet. There also are height-adjustable tables that are perfect if people of different heights will be grooming your dog. Some of these tables offer four height settings and offer the most positions for your convenience.

Second, a dog grooming table is more convenient. One of the problems with grooming dogs in the bathtub is that it’s easy for you or your pet to slip, which can lead to injury.

Most grooming tables come with a non-slip surface so there is no chance of having an accident while you’re grooming. Also, some people put their pet on the counter or kitchen table, and this is obviously dangerous. There is too much risk of falling in this situation. Remember that your dog will often be wet while you’re grooming so having a grooming table with a non-slip surface will make a big difference for safety.

Another factor about safety is that some grooming tables have a metal arm that can keep the dog in place while you’re grooming. There’s nothing better than having your dog completely secure while you’re doing your work. It’s safer, and it’s easier for you to get your work done because the dog isn’t moving around all the time.

Third, a dog grooming table is cleaner for you, your pet and your home. When you are washing and brushing your pet, there will always be a lot of dog hair left behind. This can cause problems in your bathtub and can leave your home a mess. Grooming tables eliminate this problem by keeping the mess in one area.

Most grooming tables have non-slip surfaces that are easy to clean when you’re done. If you put the table in a room with no carpet, it will be easy to wipe and clean the area, reducing most of the mess.

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