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Travelling can be fun with your cat, especially when you take note of your companion’s needs. This article provides you with 5 tips to prepare you, and ultimately, make your trip as blissful as possible! 

Expose your Cat to Short Rides 

Before taking any long trips, it would be helpful to introduce your cat to short rides. This way, you can watch how your cat reacts to the outside world, and also help her adjust to these trips. 

Use this period to also learn how best to care for your cat on trips; such as ensuring your pet is properly leashed in the car, getting an ID tag with all your cat’s information on it, or a microchip. 


Get a Clean Bill of Health: Consult a Veterinarian


As you observe your cat on short rides, you are likely to have noticed signs of fussiness, hyperactivity, or anxiety. While these may be signs of a normal adjustment process, you cannot be too certain. It is advisable to consult a vet, to know if medication is necessary to keep your favorite pet safe and happy while traveling. 

If your vet prescribes any pills for your pet to take on the trip, ensure you get clear directions on how to administer them on your cat. This will make the trip safer and less stressful for both of you.


Keep Your Cat Restrained

Now that you’ve introduced your cat to short trips and gotten a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, you might be ready for a long trip! However, it is important to keep your cat safe in the car too. When you place your pet in the vehicle, be sure it’s as far away from the driver’s side of the car and the dashboard as much as possible. Placing your cat properly in her backpack will stop her from roaming about in the car, and getting into the driver’s seat. Your goal is to keep your unassuming pet safe throughout the ride. 


Carry a Backpack During the Journey. 

To get the best cat backpack for your lovely pet is one of the best ways to ensure that your trip is blissful.

The backpack will be a resting place for your cat where she can feel comfortable, eat and play around with her toys happily. Worried about how to get the best backpack for your cat? It might be helpful to try out different backpacks while on short trips to find out which one suits your cat best. 

The backpack will serve as a house to carry along belongings that help your cat feel “at home”, such as a familiar blanket, a favorite toy or a favorite food bowl. It feels like home, it smells like home, and ultimately, your cat feels relaxed! 

Flying With Your Cat? Check the Regulations Beforehand


Your trip would be far from relaxing if you have to transport your cat through the cargo hold, for instance. So, check the airplane regulations to know if your cat is allowed to travel with you, and get the dimensions of the airline seat to know the size of the provided transport carrier or backpack carry. This is important if your cat is chubby/fat, as you might need to carry a special bubble backpack that accommodates your cat’s weight. Remember that vaccinations/health records may be required, so ensure all paperwork is sorted out in due time. 


Finally: Do Your Research 

Every trip is unique, so do your own research before embarking on a journey with your favorite pet. This research includes: picking a pet-friendly hotel, knowing the average weather of your destination to avoid fussiness from your cat, and other necessary precautions such as not leaving your cat in the car for prolonged periods. 

That’s it. Have fun on your trip! 

Photo credit: ali-kazal-_7rhwMJUV38-unsplash

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