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Animals are funny, they make us laugh or cry. We love them and all of our pets have unique personalities. However, there comes a time when sadly they have to leave us..but what if you could bring them back to life in a drawing? That’s where I’m introducing this artist! Kendall Falk, director of is a professional illustrator who does just that! She has a way with bringing your pet to life in these artworks.

Immortalize Your Pet’s Memory

Those of us who have lost our beloved animals wish we could immortalize them, keep their spirit near us and this is just what Kendall does. As not only an artist but an intuitive, she focuses on the energy of your animal and sculpts their essence into a picture. Whether you want it as a realistic pet portrait or in a style that recalls Disney is your choice.

They Give Back

Every commission of your special pet portrait is specially customized to your preference.  Whether it is a cartoon, or logo, her company will donate 20% the animal shelter of your choice. Love is the most important thing in the world. We can all make a difference by treating each other, our animals, and ourselves with love.


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