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Hemp products and health supplements have been around for a while, with many people using them to find relief from their symptoms ranging from anxiety to pain. Hemp provides a natural remedy for these and other health and wellness concerns that typically has few to no side effects. Its no surprise then, that the hemp trend has expanded into pet care.

Hemp for dogs can help to improve your pet’s wellbeing by promoting relaxation and treating many common symptoms, without producing any psychoactive effects. Keep reading to learn more about hemp for dogs and how it could give your dogs health a boost.

What Is Hemp for Dogs?

The hemp plant is part of the cannabis family, and its seeds, oil, and flour are used to make edible supplements. While from the same family, hemp is not the same as marijuana and will not produce a high when consumed. Hemp contains fewer tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoids measuring at 0.3 percent or less THC content.

Supplements for dogs come in two main forms. The first is hempseed and hempseed oil that is primarily used as a dietary supplement. The second is CBD, which is used to treat anxiety, pain, and other health conditions.

Forms of Hemp Products for Dogs

The seeds of the hemp plant contain less cannabidiol (CBD) than other parts of the plant. Its possible to feed your dog raw hemp seeds, but this approach makes it difficult to control the dosage. Most people prefer to give their dog a hemp-infused product that has specific dosage instructions to follow.

Hemp flour is made from ground hemp seeds. Like the seeds, it also has very low levels of THC and wont produce a high. You can find nutritional products and dog treats made from hemp flour.

The most common form of hemp for dogs that is derived from the seed is hemp oil. The oil form makes it easy to add to food or administer in other ways. Like the other forms of hemp, oil contains little to no THC and doesnt have any psychoactive effects. Usually, this oil is also used within edibles that you can give to your pup, just make sure to have knowledge of how much you should give your dog in this matter.

CBD products are also made from the hemp plant, but unlike the first three options, CBD comes from the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant. CBD for dogs often contains higher THC content than seed-derived products. However, THC is still capped at a maximum of 0.3 percent in all CBD products. This form of hemp generally has stronger relaxant properties.

Types of CBD

CBD comes in three main types:

  • Full Spectrum: This form of CBD contains all the parts of the plant and may contain up to 0.3 percent THC.
  • Broad Spectrum: Broad spectrum CBD gets processed to remove various components and contains no THC, or just trace amounts.
  • Isolate: The purest form of CBD, isolate contains zero THC.

The type of CBD you choose depends on your preference and what you want to gain from the supplement. CBD products are generally safe and have few side effects.

Health Benefits of Hemp Dog Products

Dog owners administer hemp products to their pets for several reasons:

  • Nutrient Content: They contain high concentrations of essential nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, iron, protein, and potassium.
  • Digestive Aid: Hemp seeds have a lot of fiber, which can help dogs have regular, healthy bowel movements.
  • Skin and Coat Health: Hemp is packed with omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. These fatty acids are essential for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Pain: Many dogs, particularly senior dogs and large breeds, have joint problems like arthritis. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of hemp products help to ease the pain associated with these ailments and increase your pets mobility.
  • Anxiety Relief: Hemp, particularly CBD products, can alleviate anxiety and lessen stress, leaving your dog more calm. This is a main use especially for dog’s that experience separation anxiety from their owner.

Many pet owners turn to hemp products to treat symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, pain, and more. You can find hemp products as treats and chews that come with dosage instructions based on your pet’s weight. Its a good idea to start out with a smaller dose at first and gradually work up to the maximum recommended dose for your dogs weight, stopping the increase once you notice your dog experiencing the benefits of the product. Using weight is just a guideline, and dosing of CBD depends heavily on your dogs sensitivity and needs. If you are new to hemp for dogs, speak with your vet to get help choosing the right products for your specific concerns.

Are Hemp Products Right for My Dog?

Whether hemp products are the ideal solution for your dog depends on several factors, including their overall health and intended use. Do your research on the hemp products you choose so you know how to administer the product and what to expect. Hemp seed products wont cause any noticeable changes in your dogs behavior. They are more for general wellbeing. CBD with stronger THC levels can produce a more noticeable calming effect in reactive dogs, and more quickly alleviate pain and other bothersome symptoms.

Always keep an eye on your dog any time you begin to administer a new supplement. Watch for signs of any unusual symptoms, side effects, or allergies. The most common side effects from too much CBD are lethargy, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Talk to your vet for advice and if you notice any concerning changes in your dog. When given in the right dosages, hemp provides numerous advantages for your dogs mood, health, and general wellbeing, making it an excellent part of your pets diet. However, if given too much and at the notice of any minor issue make sure to take them to a veterinarian immediately as a safety precaution.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for The Vape Mall

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