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You love nothing more than your furry little friends. Whether you have a dog or a cat, a guinea pig, turtle or any other type of animal at home, your pet is a prized part of your family. Your house just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Unfortunately, pets can get pretty messy and your home can get fairly unkempt at times thanks to their ways. However, there are ways to keep your home clean despite sharing it with your pet, you don’t have to live in a home that feels gross, caked in slobber and cluttered with junk.  It requires a little bit of work and attention, but it is worth it to have a tidy and respectable home.  Maintaining a clean home with pets can be as meticulous as setting up your own business. For those considering turning their passion for pets into a venture, reading a zenbusiness review could offer clarity on streamlining the formation process, much like organizing a pet-friendly, spotless living space.

When cleaning your home, you should put the safety of your pets first. Many house cleaning products can be harmful to your little friends as they contain toxic and unsafe chemicals. Therefore, try to avoid dangerous cleaning products, instead, keep your home clean by using safe and natural cleaning products.


This means reading the product labels carefully, including directions and ingredients even for the products labeled as green and all-natural as some can still be dangerous for pets or must not be used with other chemical formulas such as bleach. Try using multi-purpose cleaning wet wipes that are made with 100% ingredients and contain zero plastics that are effective enough to get rid of dirt altogether without needing any other harsh chemical disinfectants.

Here are the best ways to keep your home super clean even with a pet.

Invest in a Really Good Vacuum Cleaner

This cannot be recommended enough. When you want to keep your carpets free of dander, fur and other pet problems, a high quality vacuum cleaner is an absolute must. In this case, you need to do your research and find the right vacuum cleaner for your home. Do not just buy the cheapest model at the store, it will only haunt you in the end. You need to find a vacuum cleaner that will prove itself powerful and capable of being used often without fail.

Modern vacuums come with everything you need to stay tidy: they have brushes, expanding tubes, strong suction and many can even clean hardwood floors too. If you want to keep your house looking good despite your pet, you will be busting out your vacuum often. You will see results instantly. With a powerful vacuum cleaner, your pet’s messes don’t stand a chance.

Monitor Air Quality

Pets can bring in environmental toxins in the form of dander, dust, and even mold in some cases. These types of compounds can cause those with allergies or sensitivities to become symptomatic.  In this case, it is necessary to ensure a balance between clean air and pet care. You can take difference measures to keep the indoor air clean and fresh for yourself and for your little friends. The simplest way is to open windows and doors more often, letting in some fresh air. You should also consider purchasing high-quality air purifiers to remove any harmful allergens and pollutants from the air in your home, improving air quality and the health of your family.   If you have a central air system ensure you’re using MERV or HEPA rated filters. Other steps like purchasing air ionizers, air scrubbers, or even just antimicrobial essential oil diffusers can help tackle this concern.

Stay on Top of Their Messes

Your pet is going to have accidents, which is only natural and should be expected. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid that but you can avoid any lingering smells or stains if you stay very attentive to your cat or dog. Try to take note of the little signs they give when they need to potty and keep an eye on them in case they are planning to leave a little mess in the corner or under the bed. An occasional walk through your home every few hours is a smart move too and will ensure you don’t miss any surprises waiting for you.

If they are using your carpet as a toilet, make sure to leap into action at the very first moment you can. A very effective way to remove these pet stains is to use a pet carpet cleaner machine. A carpet stain remover solution might also do the trick. Do not let it sit because that will only do damage and make the scent stick around longer. A quick clean can be the difference between a temporary mess and a long term headache. The sooner, the better.

Buy a Couch Cover

Your pet may decide that your couch is officially their bathroom and when they do it feels like there is little you can do about it. That is very unfortunate because there is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and sitting in unpleasantness. You want to avoid it at all costs but sometimes these things happen.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to a couch getting soiled if your pet decides to do it again and again: buy a cover for it. If your couch is covered when you are not around, the worst case scenario won’t end up being that bad. All you have to do is throw the cover onto your couch when you are leaving the room and make sure it is nice and secure before you let your pet be alone. A couch cover really is a life saver and very easy to apply even if you have to do it often. Plus, you don’t need to buy something fancy to cover your couch, you can even buy a shower curtain from the local dollar store.

Wash the Paws

Just like your shoes, dog paws can get awfully messy when your pet goes outside. Mud, dirt, leaves and any number of items can create a yucky mess that will definitely be tracked inside and dry and stain and leave multiple eyesores. But if you set up a little wash station outside of your front door, you will make mucked-up floors a thing of the past. The best part about this tip is that it is incredibly helpful and incredibly easy to do. Just fill a small bucket with water and leave a towel outside too. The next time you bring your pup home, just bathe and dry their feet before entering the home once again.

Use a Bath Mat

Here’s an additional cleaning solution for your front door. Invest in a welcome mat and also a bath mat. A bath mat is super absorbent and can soak up so many nasty things. This will provide an extra way to prevent the grossness from outside finding its way inside. Buying a bath mat as well as creating a paw-cleaning station for your front door is a one-two punch that will really improve your home.

Buy a Microfiber Mop

A vacuum cleaner is truly essential and a wonderful key to a clean home but not all vacuums can handle hardwood floors. That is when a microfiber mop comes in handy. You can find these devices just about everywhere these days and they are always easy to use and last for a long time. These things are key to keeping your hardwood floor free of pet hair and dander and you can also use a wet mop feature with most microfiber mops to handle the really stubborn stains.

A Pet Bowl Mat

Whether you have a cat or dog, your pet will always eat with wild abandon. They seem to scarf down all the food you place in front of them. Their enthusiastic eating style can create quite a hassle for you, you are left to sweep up their mess consisting of extra pieces of kibble and slobbered water that didn’t get lapped up. Yes, it can be quite gross. If you buy your pet a bowl mat, you will definitely have less of a headache to deal with. The mat will catch a lot of the extra food and water that got left behind and mats are easy to wipe down and reuse again and again. Your pet might not ever eat neatly but this mat will make that less of a problem.

Bath Time!

It may be quite the ordeal and could create a mess all its own but you need to bathe your dog regularly if you want to keep your home clean. Bathing often will keep your animal healthy and smelling and looking great.

It doesn’t have to be that hard either. It can be a rather pleasant experience if you approach it the right way. Reward your dog with treats to make bath time fun and use high quality shampoos and soaps formulated for dogs. When the bath is all done, make sure you properly dry your puppy off before letting him or her roam freely. A deep clean and a strong dry will make your puppy shine and feel brand new. And it will ensure that your home smells and looks great. This will do away with so much dander, excess fur and other messy aspects of your dog. You bathe yourself, so why not your dog too?

Keep their Toys in a Basket

Your pet loves their toys and you can’t blame them since you only buy them the best, right? But the biggest problem with their toys is that they leave them everywhere. You can be minding your own business and you will suddenly step on a slobbery and chewed-up toy that can send you flying. It just adds extra clutter.

The solution? Buy a nice and ample basket to keep all the toys in one place. Now, don’t expect your dog or cat to place their toys in the basket when they are done playing. Unfortunately, you will still have to clean up after them. But with a toy basket, you will find that your home feels less messy and filled with junk. It is a quick and easy way to continually keep your home clean. Be sure to keep the toy basket in a closet where they can not easily try to get to them when you are not looking or when bored and left alone for hours.

Brush Your Pet

Your dog and cat love being brushed, it feels like heaven for them. And you feel good making them feel good. However, brushing your pet is also a handy tip to keep your home clean too. Brushing your pet will minimize shedding and keep your animal’s fur healthy and looking great. So this is something that will do wonders for both your pet and your home.

However, after each brushing you will find more hair making its way to the floor so a good brushing session should almost always be followed up with a good vacuuming session too. This will ensure that any excess hair doesn’t last for long.

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