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Approximately 85 million US families own a pet these days. And we’d bet our bottom dollar that they all have one thing in common:

They’re desperate for their animal(s) to stay happy and healthy! After all, not only is there nothing more distressing than seeing your pet suffer, but getting them treated by the vet can also cost serious sums of money. The good news is that maintaining healthy pets is easier than you might think.

Regardless of the type of animal in question, there are plenty of steps that every responsible owner can take to keep their furry, feathered, and/or scaly friends in optimal condition. Want to find out about the best ones? You’re in the right place.

Check out these 6 key tips on how to keep your pets healthy for longer.

1. Find a Good Vet (and Take Your Pet Regularly)

As you know, vets are the doctors of the animal world! They’re trained to assess, identify, and treat all manner of illnesses your pet could be suffering from. It’s imperative that you:

  1. Find a proficient, caring vet in your local area, and
  2. Take your animals to see them for routine vaccinations, regular check-ups, and whenever they’re sick or hurt.

Trust us, this is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy pets. Quality veterinary care can reveal issues and ailments that you had no idea about previously, which could be pivotal to avoiding worst-case scenarios. From a financial perspective, it also tends to be cheaper to address pet problems in the early days versus waiting until their condition deteriorates.

2. Take Preventative Measures

Prevention’s better than cure, right? In other words, regardless of how effective the treatment for a particular issue might be, it’s always preferable to stop that problem from occurring in the first place! In the context of healthy pets, this preventative approach is cheaper, more convenient, and involves significantly less suffering.

Because of the plethora of health problems animals can face, though, there are all sorts of preventative steps worth taking. Think about ticks (and the illnesses they can cause), flea infestations, heartworms, dental hygiene issues, obesity, and joint pain. Everything from specific preventative medications (see more here for a specific example) and vitamins for pets to regular grooming, veterinary check-ups, and exercise can make a difference.

3. Feed Them an Appropriate and Nutritious Diet

Keeping your pets healthy isn’t all that dissimilar from keeping yourself healthy! Case and point? Diet.

Pets of any kind should be fed high-quality and nutritious food that’s appropriate for their age, breed, and individual needs. This will have myriad positive effects.

For example, dogs and cats will have shinier coats, brighter eyes, and skin that’s devoid of issues. No matter the animal, though, a good diet can facilitate their gut health (bid farewell to nasty surprises on your carpet in the morning!), boost their immune system, and keep their muscles and joints in prime condition, among others.

It’s important to note the impact of diet on their weight as well. Feeding them the right quantities of high-quality food will keep them lean and reduce the risk of various health issues in the process. Indeed, being overweight can lead to debilitating conditions including diabetes, joint, and heart disease.

4. Keep Them Close

Do you let your cat roam free at all times? Do you allow your dog off the lead when you’re out and about on long walks?

Well, in the bid to keep them healthy and happy, it might be time to rethink this approach.

It’s true that many animals love nothing more than to run and roam around at will. You only have to listen to your dog scratching at the back door for hours to recognize that! As an owner, then, it’s understandable that you’d let them indulge these instincts.

Unfortunately, pets are their own worst enemies when it comes to staying safe. They run across roads and in front of cars, get into fights with other animals, and put themselves at risk of predation. Throw in the potential to pick up diseases and/or encounter poisons and parasites and it’s often better to keep them supervised.

5. Exercise Them Daily

Exercising your pets is another important way to preserve their health- especially for certain animals, such as dogs. In this case, the “right amount” of exercise depends on things like their age and breed, but they all require it! Take them for walks every day, bring them on hikes, play fetch with them in the back yard, and encourage them to swim at the beach or lake.

Regular exercise of this nature will have multiple benefits. For one thing, it’s another crucial way to stop your pet from becoming overweight/obese (and experiencing the myriad health issues that can ensue). For another, it’ll keep them happy, alert, and raise their mood.

6. Don’t Forget the Dental Health

Many pet owners are surprised to learn how important their animal’s dental health is to their overall wellbeing. But it’s true! In some cases, you can add years to your furry friend’s lifespan by looking after their teeth and gums.

The type of animal and their age/oral condition impacts whether or not they’ll need professional dental support. In the meantime, things like weekly brushing (not with human toothpaste though!) and dental chews will have a positive impact.

Remember These Tips for Maintaining Healthy Pets

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pet pooch, feline friend, or a tank of tropical fish at home. For anyone who loves and owns animals, seeing them sick and/or in distress is heart-breaking!

That’s why maintaining healthy pets is a perennial priority for owners around the world. Do it right and you’ll enjoy both happier animals and negligible veterinary bills. With any luck, the tips, tricks, and insights in this post will prove invaluable in this regard.

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