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So you took the plunge and finally got the little dog of your dreams? Citipups? A rescue from Social Tees or Bidawee? What can we say, but congratulations! However, there are certain essentials you need to get your little puppy if you want to give them the best home ever. And no, we’re not just talking about bowls, shots, and doggy food. It’s also about really setting the tone when welcoming your dog its new home. This list contains the things a first-time dog owner may simply forget about. Without further ado, let’s get started!

A NYC Weather Proof Coat

There are some breeds of dogs that can handle the low temperatures. In fact, they relish it. Just think of huskies or malamutes, how they roll around in the snow, practically swimming in it. Imagine their goofy little faces going crazy with happiness and joy. On the other hand, the smaller breeds hail from a warmer climate (think Chihuahua for example), and simply don’t have the right amount of fur to stay warm. If you want your doggie to enjoy every walk, and not catch a cold, you should choose the right coat for them. It won’t only keep them warm, but it will also make them more adorable!

Pee pads for all seasons and Occassions

Accidents happen, especially if you got a puppy. And even if you got a full-grown rescue, you need to know that it will take some time to get it house-broken. For the first couple of weeks get some puppy pee pads, just in case. These are also great if you’re going to travel somewhere with your furry baby. Remember, you need to be patient with your new family member. And also there may be times in your life when you have to stay out past expected and you want your pup to have a place to relieve themselves.

A Security gate

Dogs are curious creatures, and they won’t rest until they have explored every inch of your home. Still, there are certain areas where you simply don’t want your dog to go, either because of the valuables present there, or due to the room having things that can endanger your pup. Also, some people don’t want the dog to go to certain sections of their house due to hygienic reasons. Whatever the case may be, getting a security gate can stop the little one from going where they shouldn’t.

ID tags

Getting good pet ID tagsgives you peace of mind, and can mean the difference between finding your lost doggie, and them ending up at a shelter. Now, you should get your dog microchipped as soon as possible, but an ID tag can make the searching process much easier. A person can, for example, contact you much sooner if he or she finds your dog, instead of just taking it to the vet and checking its chip. A good ID tag should contain the dog’s name, as well as your name and phone number. If you want to be sure, include your address as well. And of course, a nice looking ID tag is a fancy accessory, making your dog even cuter.

A Harness

Getting a leash is all well and good, but sometimes a harness is even better. A good harness is much more comfortable for some dogs than a simple collar. This mostly revolves on dogs who pull too much, or who have neck and respiratory issues. A harness will put less strain on their necks, distributing the pressure evenly over the rest of their bodies. Plus, you can find something quite stylish and classy, making your little one the talk of the playground.

Approved Dog Carriers for the MTA, Amtrak and Airplane

This is especially important if you like to travel a lot, but in any other occasion, a dog carrier should be a must. First, it makes life much easier when you go anywhere, from business trips, to a ride to the vet. Also, many companies are offering a variety of models and uses, depending on the dog’s size and owner’s preferences. For example, some doggie carriers can be put on your back, like a regular backpack, and some can be pulled using wheels. The best are of course those that give you both. Just make sure that your dog has enough room to actually breathe and relax. Getting a carrier that is made from breathable, lightweight materials is important. Cheap nylon or plastic can heat up, making your dog very uncomfortable during the hotter days.


And there you have it, a quick list on doggie essentials for the newest and cutest addition to your family. Be sure to stay updated with odd dog behavoirs too so you know what to look for as you get to know your pup. Just get all the goodies they need, give them lots of food, attention and love, and you will be completely in the clear.

Emma Williams is an Australian writer with an MBA in Business Administration and apassion for anything lifestyle related, especially photography.

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