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Pets occupy a significant portion of our hearts. They are our most reliable allies and trusted friends. One ideal way to commemorate their lives is to commission a pet portrait for them. Pet portraits refer to having your pet’s image drawn on to a canvas. This is an excellent gift for yourself or for people who absolutely adore their pets.

There are various types of medium depending on the style you want to achieve for this keepsake. Artists can use oil, charcoal, acrylic, and watercolors. You can turn to creative teams like Colour Pet Studio to make a unique and lasting reminder of your most favorite creature on earth.


Here are the benefits of making pet portraits out of pet photos:


  1. Portraits are out of the Ordinary


While you may have a million photos of your pet doing delightful tricks, a pet portrait feels more purposeful and special. A lovely sketch will show how dear your pet is to you by hiring an artist to capture their essence and vitality. This gift is ideal for celebrating significant milestones such as their first road trip or their victory in a competition complete with their trophy or medal.


  1. Portraits Lasts Longer


Printed photographs do not last long. They are subject to the elements and harsh conditions. Yes, canvas is still paper-like and, even if you have a painting framed, there’s still a chance that unforeseen factors will damage it . Nonetheless, a portrait would not only serve as an unforgettable gift when you give it to your animal-lover friends, but it would also withstand the test of time longer than photo paper.


When properly cared for, paintings can last for decades. It’s definitely an investment because you’re paying for its durability aside from the skills of the artist. Plus, your pet certainly can’t reach the hanged painting and destroy it as easily as printed photographs, which can be ripped to shreds without difficulty.

  1. Portraits can Unleash Your Creativity


Before you can commission a painting, you will need to send a photo of your pet first. Here’s where your creativity gets tested since you need to capture your pet’s personality through a still frame. It may be challenging, but you should still have fun with your furry pal during the shoot.


Check out these creative ideas to achieve a one-of-a-kind pet portrait:

  • Put them in a costume – Look for pet costumes online that’s comfortable for your furry friend.
  • Make a collage – A portrait does not have to be just one image. You can create a themed collage that showcases your pet’s preferences such as their favorite toys, places, and expressions.
  • Get down – Take a shot from their level of perspective. This way, you get a closer look at the details of their face and fur.
  1. Portraits are More Personalized


There are many art styles for pet portraits. You have more options with pet portraits than photographs, which typically just portray scenes as they happened. Your pet portrait should showcase your best friend’s personality in exactly the way that you want it to be portrayed. That means that it should show them for who they are.


Look for an artist whose method works for you and who can retain your pet’s essence, and accomplish the style that you want. Here are some types of portrait styles:

  • Traditional – This type refers to a picture that focuses on your pet’s face. The subject typically looks at the general direction of the camera.
  • Environmental – This one pertains to an image where pets are drawn in their natural environment. Examples of this include a sketch of a dog running through the meadows or a cat lounging on the bed. Take note of these safety tips when taking photos of your dog in freezing temperatures.
  • Candid – It happens when the subject is not looking at the camera. This is spontaneous and not set up.
  • Surreal – Surreal is a quirky style that takes advantage of your imagination on how you want to depict your pets.


  1. Portraits Liven Up a Room


Similar to how your pet brings an added vibrancy to your life, their portrait will definitely liven up the room where you’re going to hang it up. Their painting on the wall brings more life into your living room or bedroom as compared to framed photographs. Kick back and relax as you savor their cute little face beaming at you. The painted picture would also be something valuable because of the time, effort, and skills poured out into that art.


  1. Portraits can Elicit Conversation


Aside from making your personal space livelier, your pet’s portrait can be a hot topic for conversation during parties. Because it’s more unique than your run-of-the-mill pictures, it’s guaranteed to spark the interest of your guests and, more importantly, it allows you to talk on and on about your beloved furry pal without seeming too obsessed with them.




Pets are often considered as extensions of their owners. Over time, they develop a likeness to their human. It’s essential for a pet portrait artist to capture the little nuances that make your pet unique and different from the rest. The investment on commissioning a portrait is worth every penny because of its uniqueness and durability.

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