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The Seven Best Dog Breeds Suitable for City Apartment Living

By September 6, 2018February 19th, 2022No Comments


Dogs are man’s best friend and in NYC this seems to be more the case in our concrete jungle. They do not just require human company but also a friendly, open and relaxed environment. If you live in an apartment where open space is a constraint and still wish to have dogs for company, it is good to know a few breeds of dogs that are quite suitable for smaller spaces.

Raising puppies and dogs in an apartment complex brings with it, its own set of challenges for pet parents. Pet dogs and puppies need to be taken out for frequent walks and then most importantly, they need to be potty trained (P.S this is very important, you can’t have the little ones messing around in the common areas and lobbies).  Doggie daycare or setting your dog up with a regular dog walk to the park or once a week hikes are all ways for your dog to get the exercise they need and the need to sniff, explore and socialize!

If you are looking for apartment friendly dogs, size does matter. Huge sizes and big paws may not feel as comfortable as you in a small living space.

The following is a compilation of 7 dog breeds which could well suit your apartment style of living, after taking into consideration the basic factors of size, friendliness and energy levels.

  • English BulldogsThese dogs are well known for their easy-going nature. Some call them lazy, but we say, they evoke a cozy comfort feeling in us. Simple walks in the park, morning and evening, is good enough to keep them happy. They’re quite friendly and as for size they are generally not tall, huge fellas. They usually do not go over 18-20 inches in height.
  • Chihuahua: Tiny cuteness! That’s what chihuahuas are all about. Considering their small size which is good enough to fit in a lady’s handbag and the happy-not-to-exercise so much characteristic makes them comfortable apartment pets. They love to be with their owner/ pet parents and do not trust strangers. But, neighbors whom they’re familiar with, they can get friendly and won’t pose an inconvenience at all.
  • French Bulldogs: Known for their miniature sizes, the French version of the Bulldog family is very cozy and friendly with owners, can be an alert watchdog. The French bulldogs do not bark much, only when they see strangers and suspicious events. Great characteristics of tiny apartment space living.
  • Pomeranians: This is a beautiful dog breed, that can be trained well and easily because of its intelligent and feisty spirit; They can be quite energetic and even hyperactive sometimes. So, they need to be taken for walks in the park at least twice a day. Though known to bark quite often, they can be trained to bark only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Pugs: They can be mischievous and playful. But their small size and less demanding nature make them good apartment companions. They adapt well to training, so your neighbors won’t have any issues with them.
  • Greyhounds: Bored of seeing a tiny dog list. The Greyhound maybe big, but they’re known to exude a calm energy; adapt well to training, and known to bark but rarely. They need their daily doses of brisk walks and occasional runs. They’re quite less demanding and hence a good choice to have for a big lanky apartment pet dog.
  • Boston Terrier: Their size is ideal for tiny space living, but they can be hyper-energetic. They calm down well with regular walks and runs in the park and are very friendly dogs.

This is just a compilation of seven dog breeds that we find most suitable for apartments and small living spaces. If you want fancy pets, then there are the poodles and the Pekinese too. Whatever be the variety, if you show love, discipline and patience, you will have affectionate, healthy and happy dog pets.

Author Bio

This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook

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