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So you’re bringing home a new pet cat. The next questions are, how do you best take care of your feline friend and what no Rx cat supplies will you need. This guide will walk you through the essentials to help make things easier for you and your new furry friend.

Cat Bedding

First on our list of no Rx cat supplies is bedding. Your cats need sleep as much as you do—or even more.

Your new cats will call your place home, but they will still need some personal space for themselves. The bedding should be soft just the way the cats like it. It should be warm and comfy, too.

Some cats like something nest-like, while others are pretty much okay with just a pillow that’s the right size to be their bed. Some prefer donut-shaped bedding, while others want something more enclosed. Try different options like boxes, pillows, mats, and others to know what your cats prefer before going out and buying the actual bedding for them.

Supplies for Kitty Litter

The next on the list of important no Rx cat supplies is the litter box. Cats pick that one place where they do their business and they rarely move to a different place.

You don’t need to hunt for them in your backyard or any other part of the house for that matter. You have a range of options that you can use for your cat’s litter box. You can get plastic trays made of different materials.

Again, cats can be picky so try out different types of materials and use different designs until you figure out which one your cat prefers to use.

Scratching Posts

Your cat needs a space where they can do their martial arts. Well, kidding aside, they do need scratching posts. It’s either that or one of the furniture in your home. Be smart—get a scratching post to save you money from repairs.

This makes scratching posts one of the essential no Rx cat supplies.

  • It should be vertical—most cats will scratch going up and down something. But some cats love to do horizontal scratching motions.
  • It should be as big as your cat when he goes on two legs. They love to stretch during their scratching sessions, which means the post should be tall enough so they could reach as far as their paws can go.
  • Get a post that has a sturdy rubber base. Expect it to get knocked around sometimes if it isn’t stuck on the floor.

While you’re out looking for a good scratching post, you might want to buy some toys for your kitty as well. Again, it should be durable enough to withstand the amount of punishment to be lashed out by your furry friend.

Food and Drink

Next on our list of no Rx cat supplies are food and drinks. Food bowls of course should be made of safe food-grade plastic. You can get stainless steel ones too if you like. If you’re getting ones made of plastic make sure that they’re not the type that retains the smell of the food you put in them.

Get food or drink bowls that are shallow. Don’t use the ones that are made for dogs since they’re too deep.

When choosing cat food, don’t get the ones that say they are “meat flavored.” Get the ones that have the specific type of meat that was used. You will find all of that info on the label.

Grooming Equipment

Last on our list is grooming equipment. You will basically need a wire brush or a metal toothed comb, bristle brush, soap, and shampoo.

That wraps up our tips when you’re in the market for cat supplies for your new feline friend. One last detail is that you should make sure that your supplies don’t contain things that your cats are allergic to.

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