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The leaves drop and the air swirls, leaving no one in doubt about the season that’s in the offing. Fall is here and with it comes the chance to do so much without the threat of inclement weather disrupting your plans. What’s more, your pup can tag along as you find out awesome ways to enjoy the season in and around a coveted place like New York City. Whether that’s hiking, running or climbing, you and your pup will have the best time.

Known as one of, if not the most attractive and expensive cities in the world, the ‘Big Apple’ as it’s fondly called, never runs out of ideas to keep you motivated to have fun during the fall. Things can get a little bit complicated when you’re spoilt for choices though. Thankfully, this article will help you identify ways to make the most out of the fall season in NYC.

  1. Head for Central Park

One of the best ways to enjoy the fall season in New York with your pup, is to visit Central Park. It’s the ideal haven for a pup and even hosts some sporting competitions your pup can enroll in. Further, you can give your pup a bit of a free reign to gallop around this beautiful spot as you settle down to take on the pleasant commotion because there’s no hiding from the sheer number of people also eager to have fun and in tow with their own pets.

There are more than enough areas where your pup can sniff, roll and run with the park covering more than 800 acres of land. You don’t have to fret about choosing the right spots. Free guided tours for walks, shows, and events are always ready to make things easy. Take some treats or prepare to buy some in preparation for a nice time outdoors.

Remember to take these items:

  • A leash – there’s an official ‘off leash’ hour between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am but still take one.
  • Plastic clean up bags
  • Collar
  • Travel bowl and water
  1. Visit Dog Beach

Okay, you’re not exactly going to join your pup in the water to have some fun but you’ll discover that it’s an awesome spectacle to behold, especially with other pups present. It’s not all swimming, of course, Prospect Park, which plays host to Dog Beach has spaces your pup can run into and climb even without a leash. dissertation services can’t do enough justice to this location as it helps you take a breather, let your pup run wild and socialize with other people and pets you come in contact with. Also, like Central Park, many events get hosted here with a lot of treats for pups and their owners, especially during the fall.

  1. Go nature-hiking

Fall provides a wonderful time outdoors with nature eager to help you see the best of it. The trails are lighter, more visible and the air is something you’ll definitely want to smell as you try to let off some steam. Pups will know a thing or two about the colors associated with this season and a lot about all the different smells they can pick up walking with you.

Furthermore, New York is a big city with a lot of inhabitants but there are quite a couple of places fit for a nice nature-hiking experience. The Inwood Hill Park is one of such places and it is unique, considering it’s the only forest left on Manhattan Island. An essay writer can conveniently point out reasons why Inwood is an obvious choice with its variety of Oaks, maples, tulip treats and a whole lot more. Places like this are best experienced first-hand with your pup all the way.

  1. Go See a Movie

Before you ask whether pups are allowed in the cinema, you should know there are many places including parks that provide the perfect location and atmosphere to showcase movies. What’s more, you can still enjoy the comfort of your car or sit on its hood.

The lawns and park benches give you and your pup further options. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the fall considering the fact that stars and moon offer a certain glow at this time of the year. Want some ideas for such locations? You can try these places that normally organize film festivals. You do have to check for timelines though.

  • Central Park film festival
  • Summer Screen
  • Socrates Sculpture Park

Seeing a movie is free in most locations but you’d do well to come prepared with some treats for you and your pup. A blanket is also a good idea.

  1. Use the Firelight Camps

Nothing screams nature quite like the firelight camps. They are comfortable and well-prepared lodging that you and your pup will enjoy. More so, it’s a great idea if you love nature and want to leave the overwhelming hustle and bustle the city of New York is known for. You both can get up each morning with a renewed vigor to walk some trails, hike under the glaring light of the moon and stars or simply sit around a campfire with other people enjoying the atmosphere. The feeling is awesome and your pup can have so much fun even when you’re busy playing a game with new-found friends or let it run wild with other pets. Either way, it’s one of the best places you can head out to in the fall and it has perks you’ll love including;

  • Phone charging stations – so you’re not completely cut off from the world.
  • Dog-friendly trails
  • Communal campfires
  • Meeting new people
  1. Weekend at the Soho Grand Hotel

Wondering what to do for that loyal pup of yours? Well, a weekend getaway for both of you is a great way to enjoy the fall season. The VIP treatment for your pup is one you’d enjoy witnessing with your pup getting organic treats, bowls and a whole lot more at a price that’s exactly zilch.

At no extra cost, you’re probably wondering how other guests might feel, having your pup experience the freedom of this lovely hotel. But with pet-friendly floors, that is seldom the case. While you enjoy your own treat, your pup can enjoy the company of other pets and have a great time running in the dog park created by this hotel. With more benefits than what top essay writing services can mention, you don’t have to seek for other nearby parks or recreational centers. The Soho Grand has you all covered.

  1. Go on a Road Trip at the Hudson Valley

Everyone loves a road trip and the fall is an awesome excuse to get into your car with your pup and head out to see lovely scenery. A perfect place for that is the Hudson Valley which is 90 minutes north of Manhattan and goes along the Catskill mountains. Of course, it has a lot of history about it coupled with the natural beauty you’ll not fail to notice and neither will your best friend.

The views from surrounding areas such as the Bear Mountain State Park and the Brotherhood Winery are fascinating. Both places are steeped in history and beauty and your pup will have a nice time in your company as you both take a stroll after driving for a while. The winery is a pleasant place and you can visit the courtyard. Do try to bring some treat for your pup and if you want a more serene experience with cascading leaves and nice shrubs, walking around the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is the best bet.

  1. Visit Lake Placid

No doubt you’ve come across tons of movies with this fabulous location as the background or forming the bulk of a cool scene. It has also played host to many winter games but it serves a lot of purposes during the fall and is an ideal place to have fun with your pup. You’ll find that it’s a haven for pets too and you can witness athletes getting themselves prepared for an athletic meet. According to dissertation writing services reviews, you can enjoy the fall here when you bike around, go hiking, take your pup on a fishing expedition, swim together and socialize with other people and their pets. Lake Placid’s setting in the Adirondack mountains makes it unique for anyone seeking a thrill.

What’s more, you can lodge here, enjoy the morning coffee on beautiful porches with your pup snuggled-up in its own bed and treats within a paw’s reach. There are shops around just as eager to host your pup as you relax.


There are several other ways to have fun in and around New York City aside from the ways mentioned above. The point is to have a nice time with your pup and have moments to remember and bucket lists to fulfill.

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