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Care for your pet & the planet

By December 22, 2020No Comments

Leading an environmentally friendly and more sustainable life has become so important as we all discover more about the damaging impact plastic, waste, chemicals and carbon footprints have on the planet. As pet owners, not only do we want our dogs to have the healthiest and happiest of lives but as responsible owners we also want our favorite friends to leave the smallest of footprints too. Here are four super easy ways you can lead a greener life with your dog and simultaneously care for your pet and the planet.

1.) Enrich their lives with eco-friendly toys

We all know that ditching plastic from our everyday lives is one of the best ways to protect the planet. Plastic pollution is detrimental to both animals and the environment, filling up landfills, releasing harmful chemicals and taking hundreds of years to break down. Plastic dog toys are all too readily available and not only are they often thrown away after just a few weeks of use but they can also contain chemicals that are harmful to your pet. The best sustainable solution is to source eco-friendly dog toys such as those found in Wild Thought’s natural dog toy collection. These bright and robust toys are made from earth-friendly materials such as natural biodegradable rubber and sustainable jute, which are both are decomposable and safe for pets. Perfect for chewing, dispensing treats, playing fetch and cleaning gums, a natural dog toy collection ensures you are helping to improve the quality of the planet whilst giving your pet hours of entertainment. Also, there are always toys that your dog loves and ones that they don’t choose- be sure to go on amazon or talk to your local pet store clerk about the best selling toys and the ones they never play with- contact your local foster / rescue group and ask to donate the toys instead of throwing them away. Sharing is caring and the right thing to do by the environment (same thing goes for puppy crates, treats and food that your dog does not want). A great way to share resources is the next door app (hyper local) and with everyone getting a pet these days- its sure to create a win-win!

2.) Scoop it up the biodegradable way

While you’re eliminating plastic from your pet’s life, don’t forget about those ever so essential poop bags. Plastic poop bags are a short-term fix for a long-term problem, ending up in landfills where they cannot decompose. With an estimated 10.1 million dogs in the UK alone, that’s a lot of poop bags. Opt instead for biodegradable bags that can be broken down by microorganisms with zero microplastic remnants, helping to take quite a heavy load off of Mother Earth.

3.) ‘Green’ grooming

We all want our dogs to look dapper and grooming is an essential part of their lives. Going green with your pet’s grooming is not only better for the environment but also better for their skin. Organic grooming products are free of harmful toxins, dyes and parabens so are not only clean for your pet but also the planet. Natural ingredients can also soothe and calm the skin, eliminating any irritations and helping their coats regain softness and gloss.

4.) Take a unique eco-friendly holiday with your dog

If you’re caring for your pet and the planet, you’re also going to want to get out there and explore it together. We recommend including your dog on your holidays but making those trips eco-friendly as well. From sustainable log cabins to environmentally-friendly treehouse yurts, there are thousands of dog-friendly accommodations across beautiful parts of the UK. With rural views and plenty of space to run and play, you’ll find everything from sustainably designed homes to working farms that are doing their bit for eco-tourism. After all your efforts to care for the planet, this is an amazingly green way to see more of it with your furry friend in tow.

5) Know if your dog is a double bagger or a single bagger.  

Some dogs always go #2 twice in one walk. If this is your pup and their poo is small enough have two helpings in one bag- go ahead wait until the end of the walk to dispose of the bag.

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