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Are you one of the 27% of New Yorkers that own a dog? Most of you have one thing in common. You’ll go to any length to save your much-loved four-legged friend from pain and discomfort, right? For many, CBD oil has become a favorite addition to pet diets or treatment plans. Should you be using CBD oil too? We explore this in detail.

What is CBD Oil?

Firstly, CBD is Cannabidiol, which is an active ingredient and one of several cannabinoids that are present in cannabis plants—also called hemp plants. This specific cannabinoid isn’t addictive or psychoactive, so it won’t cause a high. This is thanks to very low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Manufacturers produce CBD oil by extracting CBD from the plant and then they enfuse it to create consumable products such as oils and balms. 

It doesn’t affect the brain in the same way products with high THC—for example marijuana—do, but there are specific laws to regulate its use. CBD oil is legal in various states, including New York.

New York’s CBD laws make allowance for CBD use, and you can purchase it legally both in person and online. For substances of this kind, legal guidelines can stipulate specific rules for human consumption that differ from what’s allowed for pets. Luckily, in New York the CBD laws do also allow you to legally use the oil for pets.

The rules set out in New York’s Hemp Bill of 2019 are strict however. For example, CBD retailers must acquire a permit. Luckily, the stringent laws play in the pet owner’s favor. They help ensure the products you purchase legally will be of high quality, since it must adhere to New York State’s standards. 

Furthermore, with various pet-friendly CBD products coming onto the market these days, you can take your pick on how you will complement your dog’s lifestyle with this natural product. Although no CBD product can legally be sold with a therapeutic claim, many would say it’s smart to use it as complementary treatment for arthritis and mobility issues. Let’s help you understand this better. 

How CBD Works in Your Dog’s Body

Both humans and dogs have a ECS (endocannabinoid system). This uses a system of receptors, called CB1 and CB2. They’re located throughout the body and the system helps maintain balance in the organism. Your dog may experience discomfort if something in the ECS is out of balance. 

Because CBD can interact with these receptors, it can have a variety of effects. For example:

  • Use it as a supplement when there’s a cannabinoid deficiency. This will improve the functioning of the ECS. 
  • By interrupting the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters, CBD oil affects the pathways that determine how your dog experiences things, including pain. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil can be a good investment in your dog’s health, especially because it can affect so many aspects that determine a dog’s overall health and comfort. If your dog struggles with arthritis or mobility issues, you—and your pet—may appreciate the following about CBD oil.

Helps with Pain Management

CBD has the ability to interact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system and central nervous system receptors, such as the TRPV1 receptor that plays a role in sensing pain. By impacting how your dog’s body processes pain, the animal can experience less discomfort. 

Also, by helping the ECS maintain balance, there can be a reduction in pain. 

Decreases Inflammation

CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory product in your dog’s body as well as being an anti-anxiety agent. This is thanks to it preventing the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters, resulting in higher adenosine levels. Therefore, because adenosine receptors play anti-inflammatory roles in the body, CBD is often used when a dog has inflammation.

Helps Alleviate Common Symptoms of Canine Arthritis

Although CBD oil can’t heal canine arthritis it can help manage and alleviate symptoms. In part this is thanks to it having an impact on the endocannabinoid system, which affects the body’s homeostasis. Arthritis may result in the dog’s body not producing certain elements to maintain homeostasis but by using CBD as a supplement, this balance or homeostasis can be maintained easier. 

Furthermore, CBD oil can impact how a dog’s brain processes pain. With joint pain being a common symptom of arthritis, CBD oil can be valuable as part of the pain treatment plan. 

Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia

For a dog with hip dysplasia CBD can act as an antioxidant, which could prevent damage and deterioration in cells. This can help with managing both pain and inflammation. You could even see an improvement in mobility. 

Helps with Bone Fractures

Another outcome of the interaction between CBD and the body’s receptors is that there could be stimulation which leads to bone formation. Because the ECS plays a role in the bone formation process and CBD affects the ECS, CBD could be a viable treatment option after a dog has a fracture. The outcome can be a faster recovery time and even less bone loss in future.  

Talk to Your Veterinarian

As stated, New York laws enable you to legally obtain CBD oil for dogs. You don’t even need a prescription. However, it’s important to include your veterinarian in the decision to start adding CBD oil to your dog’s diet. This is especially important if your dog has already been diagnosed with arthritis or other mobile issues and is currently under treatment. 

Although CBD oil is a natural product that won’t cause a high in your dog, it can interact with certain medications. Therefore, you need the help of an expert to plan how you’ll administer CBD oil without putting your dog’s health at risk. 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, in some cases your dog may need less of its existing pain medication after you start adding CBD oil to the diet. However, there’s no claim or guarantee that CBD oil can fully treat conditions like arthritis. Therefore, it’s dangerous to stop all medical treatments. Rather discuss the entire treatment plan with the vet before making any changes. 


This could be the solution you’ve been hoping for—a natural product which usually doesn’t result in negative side effects can help you treat your dog’s arthritis and mobility issues. And thanks to state laws, it’s totally legal to buy CBD oil for your dog in many US states. Just remember to buy from reputable vendors that sell quality oil and stick to products manufactured for animals specifically.

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