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Dogs are more than just pets. Some people consider them as family members and loyal companions. So, it can be shocking for owners to know that suddenly their furry friends have cancer. You can read more about the signs that your pet has cancer when you click here.

Cancer is common for dogs that are ten years or older. Some can get it while they are young because they were exposed to an unhealthy environment, or they have certain pre-existing conditions that trigger the disease.

While most pet parents may think about lots of treatments and the suffering that their dog will undergo, the good news is that more than half of dogs with cases of cancer survive and recover. This is true, especially if there are early detection and treatment is administered as soon as possible.

Curing Cancer

Most vets aim to remit the symptoms of cancer by surgeries or chemotherapies. By remission, it means that they are going to minimize the symptoms with the help of curative treatments. If they try to cure the pet, they will cause vomiting and more sickness to the canine.

Most vets will give lots of advice on the products that one should give to their dog to speed up remission. When the canine doesn’t feel any pain, fatigue, appetite loss, and other symptoms related to cancer for five years, then it’s safe to say that they are already cured of the disease.

Treatment Options

There are times when the vet will treat your furry friend using radiation therapies or supplementary medicine. Note that the types of treatment will vary according to factors such as age, overall wellbeing, symptoms, and others that are specific to your pet.

Note that when it comes to plant-derived therapies, your vet may be hesitant to discuss certain medications. These can include CBD oil. They can talk about medical mushrooms, milk thistles, dietary apoptogens, and a lot more. But in some states, most veterinary practitioners can lose their license if they recommend CBD oil. This is because the feds deem everything that comes from the cannabis plant to be illegal.

However, no law explicitly states that cannabidiol is illegal. This is a grey area in some states because further studies are still needed to determine the safety of CBD to both humans and animals.

A Miracle Cure

You might hear for another miracle cure that many owners have discovered. What they mean as a miracle cure is the CBD oil for dogs cancer which many are using for treating their canine friends. For many years, the strains of the cannabis plant have been used for medical purposes. For some people, they find that the hemp, which is part of the cannabis plant has medicinal properties that help in alleviating anxieties, cancer, chronic pain, and more.

Although cannabis is always associated with marijuana, it also has another strain, which is the cannabidiol. The main difference is that marijuana has lots of THC, which creates a psychoactive effect. This can make any pet feel stoned or high. Luckily, reducing the symptoms does not mean that your pet will undergo pain and extreme side effects.

When using oil and treats that have CBD in them, most pet parents state that their pets’ appetites have returned, their pain from arthritis gradually disappeared, and they notice other improvements as well. This discovery is not surprising for many.

Both humans and animals have endocannabinoid systems that control sensations of pain, hunger, sleep, memory, reproduction, and fertility. The ECS has molecules such as anandamide that keeps the internal functions to run smoothly. You can know more about anandamide here:

The system plays a role in the regulation of cancer tumors and cells. Most of the studies have found out that the administration of CBD and other cannabinoids in the body can exert anticancer actions. Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol are known to activate ER-stress pathways that result in the death of cancer cells.

Potential Effects of Cannabidiol to Cancer

Most of the effects of cannabidiol include appetite stimulation, antiemetic effect, improved sleep, pain relief, and more. All over the internet, there are surveys, forums, and community discussions where people tell that CBD is now a pleiotropic drug.

The chemical has pathophysiological properties that inhibit cancer, as well as help in managing neuronal diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. By blocking the signals of the cancer cell receptors, proliferation can be achieved.

There are products in the market that are made up of a hundred percent hemp-based oil. Some of them can achieve maximum potency, which can result in faster remission. Most CBD oil for pets has dramatically improved the sensations of pain and symptoms that your canine is feeling. The extracts are also safe with no known side effects and painful results after taking them. If you are a pet parent, what you can do is to research more about the safest and most effective CBD oil available today to alleviate symptoms of cancer for your dog.

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