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City Girl: Tips To Stay Stylish On Your Morning Dog Walk

The amount of exercise your dog needs each day varies according to its breed, age, and size, but unless your dog has a health issue, they should certainly be walked daily. While you may aim to take your dog for runs and longer treks at the weekend, it’s likely that for the majority of the week, you’ll be walking in the city — whether that’s along the river, in the park or through the streets. Moreover, your walk will probably be just one part of a busy day. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that your dog behaves appropriately and that you both end your morning walk calm and unflustered, ready to face the day ahead.

Dressing for the day

If you have a busy day ahead of you, it’s helpful to be able to choose an outfit that will work for both dog walking and everything that follows.  If you’re walking your dog in the city, you’re unlikely to need rain or hiking boots, so opt for a decent pair of tall boots that both look stylish and are practical for walking. Pair these with skinny or stretch jeans, which are comfy, smart, and will tuck into your boots and remember, nothing makes your pants look as good as when you do the best leg exercise out there.   A scarf or shawl will prepare you for all weathers and keep you looking stylish too. Think about the rest of your day’s look, particularly if you have a formal event later. Match patterns with a plain and elegant shawl, and complement solid colors with floral or paisley styles. Your usual city coat will be fine, but make sure you stock your pockets with poop bags and dog treats before you set out.

Pampered pooch

Your style is just part of the picture: the rest of the focus is on your dog. A well-groomed dog will keep the pair of you looking cool and collected on your morning walk. Your dog will gather dirt in their fur whenever they’re out and about, so routine grooming should be part of your normal schedule in order to keep their coat healthy. It’s recommended that most dogs are bathed every three months: this will keep the regular grooming process easy and ensure that they’re not carrying around excess dead hair or tangled fur.

If your dog is well-groomed, not only will they look their best for your city walks, but they’ll pick up less dirt too — and what dirt they do pick up will be easier to remove. Most importantly, however, regular grooming will mean your dog’s coat will stay healthy, and you’ll be well-positioned to pick up on any health issues straight away.

Walking on the leash

Key to keeping the two of you looking good on your city walk — and returning home unruffled — is your dog’s behavior. Pulling on the leash is a common problem that can leave you feeling exhausted and looking like you’re out of control. Use positive reinforcement and treats to train your dog to walk at your pace, and if the problem persists, try using a harness. Allowing your dog less slack on the leash will also train them to stay by your side. 

On the flip side is the dog who lies down and refuses to move, leaving you pulling at the leash and trying to drag them along. First check your dog over, making sure their paws are in good shape and they aren’t injured. Assuming their health seems fine, use treats to coax them into action. If this is a repeated problem, you may need to visit your vet to make sure there’s no underlying issue. 

Your dog’s manners

Your dog will probably need a toilet break while you’re walking, but peeing at every lamppost can be embarrassing and slow your walk down. Dogs are territorial, so this is likely to be your dog marking their territory. It may be impossible to completely stop this behavior, but you can train them to mark less by using the techniques you used in house training. Dogs that have not been neutered or spayed are more likely to mark, so have this procedure done as soon as possible.

A dog who’s excited about their morning walk sometimes engages in leash-biting behavior, and you can quickly end up in an unwilling tug of war. To prevent this behavior, train your dog to relax when they sees the leash by rewarding them when he sits calmly while you prepare for the walk.

It can be difficult to squeeze the morning walk into your busy city life, particularly if you’re left feeling worn out and unkempt once it’s over. By dressing for the day and teaching your dog to be a well-mannered city walker, you can end your walk looking fresh and ready for the day ahead which is the most we can advise on this post.

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