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By offering love, loyalty and companionship to your household, dogs can truly improve your life. However, adopting pets can be like adding an extension to the family. This living, breathing creature feels, cares and loves, so this decision should be approached carefully and with great consideration. Some particular breeds of dogs can be particularly agreeable to and fond of small children, so consider one of these breeds for your growing family.

Initial Considerations

Every parent knows that once a kid figures out what a dog is, the question of “Can we get a dog?” comes up often. Scientific benefits for bringing a dog into the family are many.   Choosing the right dog for your family can feel like a monumental decision, so beginning with assessing a few characteristics and factors can be helpful. Consider what you and your family are looking for in temperament or personality, size, living situation, lifestyle, required care and their energy and activity level. It is important to choose a dog that aligns with you, as dogs whose needs are not met may behaviorally act out.  Also, while rearing children and a dog can be lots of work- do not be remiss that being smart about time and money saving vet appointments, regular grooming and socialization must be taken into consideration in addition to pet breed fit for your family.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese mountain dogs are a larger, active breed with a calm temperament. While they have a great deal of energy, this breed of dog is also noted for its patience and affection, making it an optimal option for families with young children.

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are also noticed for their gentle and friendly personalities and ability to work well with people. They are considered an intelligent breed that, once trained works incredibly well with families. This breed is considered a sporting dog and will require a great deal of exercise and activity.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are also known for their pleasant demeanor, friendly personality and notable intelligence. This can also be a great option for a family with young children, and they do require a great deal of activity and exercise.


Collies are a friendly, energetic breed of dog, who are easily trained and require a great deal of instruction and exercise due to their herding background. Keep in mind your collie may try to herd your children, and it is important to discourage that.


Bulldogs with their wrinkled faces are best known for their calmness, love, loyalty, and pleasant disposition. This stocky breed of dog is also a bit compact and happy to relax at home with their families.


Pugs are a smaller breed that can be a great option for families with children. Their small size requires very little exercise and minimal maintenance. While they require socialization and training, they offer patience, love and a playful attitude with their loved ones.


Purebred dogs can be wonderful choices, however, don’t forget to consider mixed breeds of dogs, often known as mutts. Many mutts can offer benefits of multiple breeds due to their mixed pedigrees.

Selecting a Dog

It is helpful to consider the dog that is best suited to you and your family, so consider noting the dog’s behavior and its response to each of your family members. Before introducing the dog to your children, consider meeting them first to assess their behavior. If a dog reacts with hostility by backing away, growling, cowering or acts possessively over toys, this may not be the safest choice for your family.

Care For Your New Pet

Pet care decisions can take time, and deciding on the type of food, bathing products, toys, etc. can be a long process. It is useful to work with your vet from the start to determine a good regimen of food, exercise, playtime and bathing. Bathing can also present a challenge, as no one wants their furry friend to smell, but you also want to avoid damaging their skin and coat. One possible route to explore is a dog shampoo recipe instead of an off the shelf option. These can offer the ease of using products from your home in the efforts to support their health and avoid smelling foul.

Adding a dog to your family is a huge commitment, but it offers countless benefits to you and your family. Considering the weight of this decision, it is important to choose the breed that is the best fit for you and your children. It is okay to take time to make that decision to help you feel truly secure in your best choice.

This blog was contributed by Kevin Gardner

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