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We have all seen the movies where a sun-kissed girl is walking along the beach with tasseled golden locks, footprints following her as she walks along the wet sand that’s being caressed by gentle waves, and in her hand 5 if not more leashes with all shapes and sizes of dogs at the end of them.

Sometimes the scene is not as calm but more of an arrow-shaped dog pack sprinting to the end of the earth with a blur of a person hanging on for dear life and all you can see are arms and legs flailing around trying to keep up. See some of those ‘great’ moments here to bring a smile to your day.

Those are more enjoyable of course but not seen as much in reality.

These days we have highly trained pet professionals who seamlessly take dogs on walks, care for them as if each was their own, and at the end of the day you have got the work done that you needed to, your pet has gotten his fresh air and twice daily recommended walk, and all is right with the world.

The importance of walking your dog.

We can relate to the fact that staying in the house for too long can make you go crazy, it’s the same with kids that when left indoors for too long they get bored, and we all know how boredom can soon turn into destructive actions and ‘experiments.’

When it comes to dogs, they will look for ways to get outdoors, chewing through materials they feel they can penetrate, and make a difference on, and when you get home at the end of the day the house is a wreck that looks like a picture form a horror movie.

Thankfully this is easily preventable.

You may be a successful business person who when initially adopting your dog had plenty of time to take them for a stroll through the park or along the beachfront, but as you climbed the corporate ladder this time began to slip away from you and you find yourself rushing with a 5-minute backyard wonder waiting for him to finish his ‘business.’

This is where you should give your dog the quality of life they deserve, walking stimulates their senses, heightens their awareness, and all the while getting physically stronger and fitter. Sending your pup to a dog daycare where walks are their priority can give you peace of mind and offer your furball the chance of social interactions.

Now, when it comes to knowing who to go with it can be tricky, each firm offering you the world, but if you take the time to write down what you’re looking for for your pet, it can narrow the search.

You want a reliable and reputable company that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident that they’ll take care of your ‘Bruno’ while you’re at the office. Take a browse at a charlotte dog walking company and see what they not only have to offer in terms of services for your pet but can adapt and adjust to your needs for your dog.

Reading customer reviews and testimonials on their website is always a good indication of the service you are likely to get and a heads up on what to expect.

5 Features to look for in a dog walking company.

  • Certification. Everyone wants to be a dog walker thinking it simply entails having a love for dogs, while this is an, I would say, must of a quality trait, having the correct qualifications to care for and train the dogs in their care is a must.
  • Transportation. Many companies offer pick-up and drop-off services if they do the vans should be insured to carry a set amount of animals, be well ventilated throughout, and have plenty of water on board for all the dogs.

There are a few extra points of discussion on this topic which you can read about in this link and that can give you an idea of what to look for when visiting the facilities you are considering hiring as your pet day carer.

  • Personalized. Each dog is unique, so will their dietary requirements be and the walker or trainers should be well-versed in allergies if any for each dog, their personalities, and fitness capabilities. Dog CPR courses are available and I would require a must for my dog sitter.
  • Insurance. This may seem odd but accidents can and do occur, being covered for anything is vital whether it be to the dogs, the walker, or in any way related to the company.
  • Emergencies. Bad situations can happen, and they do, ask if the walker is trained to handle these incidents, has he or her gone to real-life training on this issue? They should carry a mobile with them at all times, plenty of water, and follow company procedures which you should ask for a copy of at your visitation session.

Why walk your pet?

Besides preventing it from becoming a lump on the sofa, the social element alone should be enough to get the ball rolling. As they continue exploring and experiencing new smells and scents in the outdoors, they meet new friends, become socially ‘trained,’ and become well-versed in how to interact with other pets.

Just like us their joints become stiff with age, so you want their hips moving and keeping flexible, we want the blood flowing freely through the body and maintaining a healthy heart, and ultimately they build up a stronger immune system.

Making the most of a situation is how I feel, so if we are going to be walking in the park where there are external elements that could cause distractions or over-excitement it is a good idea to have your dog trained.

Simple commands such as heel, fetch, wait can be taught daily while out and about and soon become second nature for your pet. You will be ‘killing two birds with one stone, as the saying goes so why not.

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