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Just like other dog breeds, French Bulldogs will require regular grooming to keep them clean and healthy always. Though this breed does have varying hair-shedding depending on the season, it is important to be prepared to groom them regardless of the season they are. They do have shorter and finer hair, but a lot of things come into consideration when it comes to grooming. The following tips are very important in grooming French Bulldog efficiently

Bath the At Least 2-3 Times a Year

French Bulldogs are prone to skin issues, especially those caused by allergies, these issues manifest in the form of rashes, and yeast infections, leading to scratching. Make use of a hypoallergenic shampoo to bath these dogs especially when they have sensitive skin. The use of Hypoallergenic shampoo also provides relief against symptoms of skin problems. Short hair dogs like French Bulldog will require bathing, two to three times a year but they may require more frequent bath if they are susceptible to allergies. 

Brush Them At least Once a Week

Short-haired breeds like French Bulldog will benefit a lot from regular brushing even though their fur wouldn’t get plagued with mats. Brushing regularly will remove dead skin cells, dead hair, dirt, and debris. Brushing will also stimulate blood circulation and re-awaken nerve endings for more nerve pleasure. Regular brushing is also capable of spreading the skin’s natural oil to all parts of the dog’s coat.  Brushing helps you examine their coat for signs of infections. 

Perform Routine Checks on Their Ears and Eyes

Though French bulldogs are not as prone to ear problems like the English bulldogs, they can also get bacteria and yeast infection. Pay attention to abnormal discharge and odor from the ears, during grooming sessions. Make use of pet-friendly ear cleaning options to clean the outer canal of the ear. You can make use of a cotton ball, damp cloth with warm water or ear cleaning solution for this. 

Similarly, you need to keep the tear tracts of the dog clean and observe their eyes for redness or any form of discoloration. The French bulldog is particularly susceptible to problems such as cherry eye; hence you need to pay attention to such issues. 

Pay Attention to The Dog’ Anal Glands

Many French bulldog owners often ignore sensitive parts of the dog, and most especially the anal glands. Some French Bulldog Puppies normally have problems with empty their natural scent organs that are located just inside the anus. You may be able to detect whether they have issues with that vital organ but if you are unsure how to conduct a check, please take them to the veterinary for proper diagnosis and care. Checking the anal glands is a very quick procedure that must be conducted on a routine to ensure that your dog is healthy. 

Clip the Toenails Every 5-6 Weeks

There is a need to clip the toenails of your French Bulldog Puppies for many reasons. French bulldogs that have not been trained for good behavior are notorious for scratching the surfaces of furniture, clothing, and other surfaces in the home. Since these dog breeds can grow toenails quickly, you need to ensure that those nails are reduced to the barest minimum. 

For puppies, you need to clip their toenails every 4-5 weeks and for adult dogs, you can wait until 5-6 weeks to clip their toenails with pet clippers. Pay attention to any form of discomfort when clipping their toenails, it may be a sign of a hidden problem. Puppies will likely feel uncomfortable when clipping their toenails for the first time but will eventually get used to it. 

Brush Their Teeth A Few Times a Week 

If you can’t brush your dog’s teeth daily, you should at least do so 3-4 times, especially on weekends. Plague can start to build up in the dog’s teeth roughly 48 hours after eating, hence the need for constant brushing. Wrap your hand with a washcloth and wipe the teeth before massaging the gums. Dental issues in dogs may lead to some other problems such as gum bleeding, kidney and heart problems. You need to find a way to get your dog accustomed to regular teeth cleaning to avoid expensive dental treatments in the future. 

Use Oatmeal Bath to Make Their Coat Shiny

If the coat of the dog looks too dull especially as a result of skin problems, then you should consider oatmeal bath to combat the problem. The recipe is known to soothe the skin within minutes of bathing the animal and it makes the coat softer and shiny. Make sure the oatmeal is ground in the blender until you get a powder substance, then fill the bathtub with warm water, then add the oatmeal powder and stir until the mix becomes cloudy. Put your French Bulldog in the bath and massage her coat thoroughly for about 15 minutes. Make sure you avoid the eyes area when bathing the dog. Rinse with clean warm water once you are done. 


Though some of these grooming tips may not be a smooth sail, you might add some dog calming solutions to make stressful grooming sessions easier. If bathing your dog is always a difficult task, for instance, you get yourself a bath calmer solution such as peanut butter that French bulldogs can hardly resist. Make sure you choose treats sparingly to avoid making the dog too accustomed to such stuff

You need to ensure that you give your pet a proper diet. Feed her only with the recommended diet and if you have to prepare her homemade meals, you must get recommendations from the veterinary. Make sure you protect your dog when outdoor from exploring areas that can expose her to skin infections, bug bites and unhealthy foods. If you take your dog on hiking, make sure you bath her when you return from such fun activities. You can make use of a collar and the appropriate leash to guide your dog when exploring outdoor environments.  

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